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Why Your Business Needs Point of Sale Customer Service that Just Works

It’s a dream of any business owner to “set and forget” their point of sale system and never worry about it again. And we don’t blame them for wanting that. Point of sale systems are not typically thought of as the most critical aspect of business management.


However, what many business owners forget is that every system, good or bad, may break down—or otherwise have an issue that they’ll need to get in contact with an expert to manage. It’s easy to go with the big name-brand point of sale systems with the expectation that their customer service will simply work—but the sad truth is, it’s typically the opposite.


That’s why we’re going over why you need a point of sale that comes with customer service that works for you—and won’t leave you on hold for hours. We hope that our guide gives you the information you need to make an informed decision on your next point of sale purchase!

Bigger isn’t Always Better


The big name-brand point of sale systems will definitely advertise lofty 24/7 support—but the truth is, these sorts of brand name claims aren’t exactly as lofty as they appear to be. Putting aside the fact that most point of sale companies offer around-the-clock support, these big companies never assign you a specific representative.


Instead, you’ll be left calling a hotline and waiting on hold for just one of a sea of customer service representatives. None of these people will be intimately familiar with your business—nor will they be in a rush to really help you solve a pressing issue.

Bigger isn’t always better—and more robust and smaller-scale operations such as Franpos know that the kind of service small businesses need is service with a name and a face. That’s why Franpos gives you a customer service representative to manage your account. You are able to talk to a real person—the same person, over and over again, who will be able to intimately learn about the aspects of your business that are important to you!

Systems Work Better on The Cloud


Part of offering a point of sale system that just works is building a system that, from the ground up, is designed to be a system that’s online.


Cloud-based systems like Franpos give you that experience. They work online so that updates are sent automatically. If you call in or put in a request, that request or issue can be fixed automatically. No phone calls and no headaches required!


That’s why so many businesses choose Franpos as their point of sale provider. They know they’ll receive the latest updates, talk to real people and not sit on hold, and get an exemplary white-glove service that has to be experienced to be believed.


We hope that this guide has given you a higher level of expectation for what a point of sale service can do for your business. And, if you want to see why thousands of companies choose Franpos to provide their solutions, reach out and get your free demo today.

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