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With Franpos + Postmates,
Delivery Just Got Better

Incoming orders to your store on the Franpos eCommerce platform can now be sent directly to a Postmates driver.

Simply prepare the order, and Postmates takes care of the rest! It's never been easier to set up delivery for your business.

Start delivering for as little as $2.99 per order
within a five-mile radius!

How it Works

From order placement to final delivery, Delivery Fulfillment by Postmates enables business owners to seamlessly hand off orders.

Here’s what a Postmates delivery looks like:


1. Orders are placed on your Franpos eCommerce platform by your customers

2. Orders are sent directly either to your store or, for franchises, the store closest to your customer to prepare the order. 

3. Once the order is marked as ready for pickup on the Franpos point of sale platform, a Postmates driver is hailed to pick up and deliver the order.

Reduced Delivery Fees

For a limited time, Postmates is offering reduced delivery fees for our clients!


Deliver to any customer within a five-mile radius for just $2.99 per order! This cost can be applied either to the company or the customer, depending on your company’s preference.

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With Franpos eCommerce already enabled, Postmates integration takes no time at all! Call (408) 898-3217 to start today.

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