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Powerful Growth Marketing Tools–Built Right into The Franpos System

At Franpos, we specialize in producing powerful hardware paired with lightning-fast software.  


In addition to our quick and easy point of sale system, we offer several innovative features built right into the Franpos system. 


Let’s go over the amazing integrations Franpos offers, along with how you can properly utilize these functions to benefit your business. 



Automated Growth Marketing 



Growth marketing—sometimes referred to as growth hacking—is the process through which companies market and interact with customers throughout thentire buyer’s journey. 


Compared to traditional marketing, which targets customers at the beginning of their journey with your brand, growth marketing targets customers long after they made their final purchase—nurturing them to becoming more acclimated to your brand. 


With that being said, growth marketing by Franpos offers strategic tools to keep your customers yours. These tools include communicating with your customers by using the most lucrative channels on the market. 


As of right now, conversion rates for email & SMS marketing is higher than any other form of communicating with customers, so that’s what Franpos implements. 


To give our customers the power to properly utilize these functions, Franpos has encoded the ability to build and launch growth marketing campaigns right into your software. 


If you are a current customer, you have access to growth marketing functions right now.  


With Franpos email and SMS marketing, we have 16 pre-built triggers to connect with your customers throughout their journey with your brand. 


With our 16 triggers, you can thank customers for joining your loyalty program, provide exclusive discounts, and even automatically send a birthday message to your clients! 


In the Franpos system, you can easily type in SMS campaigns, paste in branded HTML emails, and even schedule messages to go out on a specific time and date. 



Meet Your Branding Objectives 



Included with Franpos’ build in growth marketing tools is a way for you to optimize your branding objectives. 


With strategy, you can develop your brand by successfully implementing Managed Growth Marketing for your clients. 


For example, if you would like to be seen as a discount store such as WalmartFranpos growth marketing allows you to send discounts to your customers on a regular basis. 


Additionally, if you’d like to be seen as an exclusive boutique, you can send informational SMS/Emails about the high-class brands you offer.  


Whatever branding objectives you’d like to achieve, you are able to implement your ideologies into your SMS/email messages, resulting in a strong branding identity. 


Growth marketing also has the ability to implement your logos, color schemes, and slogans into your email messages that can be copied into the Franpos system. 


We know that HTML coding your logos and objectives into emails is important to your brand’s identity. Franpos has the ability to copy paste HTML messages to make sure your branding objectives stay on track. 



Growth Marketing Results and Reports 



One of the biggest difficulties with marketing is the inability to directly track if a marketing campaign truly affected sales. 


At Franpos, we eliminated that difficulty completely. 


We have three automated reports that help our clients track the success of their campaigns. 


First, we check the marketing recipient report against the sales report to see how many conversions were made from each campaign sent. Or to put it another way, we see who the campaign was sent to and which of those customers purchased from the campaign. 


If a discount code was sent exclusively from SMS/Email, you can track how many conversions were made from that discount code. This system works especially well if your discount code was sent exclusively to your SMS/Email recipients.  


Lastly, the Campaign Report specifies how well your marketing efforts did once the SMS/Email was sent. It will compare the recipients to dollars generated to provide you with absolute transparency concerning your marketing efforts. 


Final Thoughts 



Franpos offers amazing integrations that can take your business to the next level. 


If you are interested in launching and tracking brand specific marketing campaigns to your customers, Franpos is the right system for you. 


Managed Growth Marketing is just one of the amazing ways Franpos connects you to your customers. 


Our system offers amazing integrations, at an amazing price. 


If you are interested in learning how to implement amazing Growth Marketing Solutions for your business, you may do so here. 

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