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Why Recipe Management is a Game-Changer for Restaurants

Managing inventory and recipe management poses a significant challenge for small business owners and restaurants. Calculating the right amount of product to keep in stock helps eliminate any issues with orders going out without all of the right ingredients. Thankfully, Franpos has just released a tool that demonstrably reduces issues and increases revenues.


Recipe Management by Franpos has just been released and gives our clients the ability to plug in an item, quantity, and see exactly how much of each ingredient is going to be needed–and vice versa. This tool streamlines operations, re-defines inventory, and is now included for all of our Franpos clients!


Here’s why Recipe Management is a game-changer for restaurants.

Recipe Management Streamlines Operations


With recipe management, it becomes far easier to break down exactly what’s going into each and every order.


For example, if you know you’ve got one hundred pizzas coming up, you can plug the pizzas into the recipe management system and see exactly how much you’ll need of each item for the order.


This enables you to streamline operations by delineating tasks to team members and having them know exactly how much of each ingredient they need to prepare. With this in the hands of your employees ahead of time, you’ll be able to work faster, more efficiently, and get tasks done at lightning speed!  


Recipe Management Re-Defines Inventory


Recipe Management by Franpos makes it easy to see what needs to be ordered in advance.


If you have a large order coming up, you can plug the order into the recipe management system and see exactly how much of each item is needed, and compare it with the average amount of the item needed for any given day.


This way, you can generate order forms and quickly get ahead of any shortages with significantly increased lead time. This streamlines your operations and keeps your store fully stocked and ready to work at all times! Make selling out a product a thing of the past by using Franpos’ tools to stay ahead of the curve.


Recipe Management is A Part of the Franpos Solution


Finally, Recipe Management is just one tool in the many tools offered in the Franpos Solution. Only Franpos builds in Recipe Management, eCommerce functionality, Growth Marketing tools, Managed Delivery Services, and so much more into its point of sale at one low price.


Eliminate excessive and costly monthly fees for a myriad of problems, and reduce your technology stack with a total solution designed to keep you selling and growing.


Schedule your free demo today and learn more about Recipe Management and join the thousands of other businesses that use Franpos to grow!

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