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Marketing for Pet Stores/Franchises – Birthday Samples

Marketing for Pet Stores/Franchises Overview:

SMS/Email Marketing for Pet Stores! Find examples, ideas, and templates to teach you how to market your Pet Stores through SMS/Email efforts.

The purpose of this resource page is to present SMS/Email marketing Pet Stores can implement for their brands.

In this example, we will be covering the first trigger:

BIRTHDAY (Guardian or Pet’s Registered Birthday, Pet and Guardian’s “Birthday” Together) 

 This trigger is beneficial for businesses as it automatically remembers, reminds, and sends birthday messages to your clients.

Specifically to the Pet Industry, Birthday Messages can be sent twice a year.

This is due to having a birthday for both owners and pets.

This trigger doubles the opportunity for customer relations during birthdays.

There are many ways you can format a Birthday SMS/Email marketing message.

Examples Marketing for Pet Stores/Franchises:

CONCEPT ONE: BIRTHDAY (Guardian or Pet’s Registered Birthday, Pet and Guardian’s “Birthday” Together) 

A.) “It’s your furry friend’s special day, celebrate another year together at [Insert Store Here]! In-Store or Online, we have the perfect gift for this extraordinary day!”  

B.) “Happy Birthday, [Insert Name Here]! We wish you an amazing upcoming year. In addition, the [Insert Store Here] family would like to offer you an exclusive discount on your next purchase!   CODE: BIRTHDAY5 

C.) Happy Birthday to your puppy! We hope you have another amazing year together! Here’s 50%-off a puppy birthday party at [Insert Store Here]! We hope you choose to celebrate with us!  

D.) It’s your second year as a pet owner! [Insert Store Here] wanted to personally congratulate you on this accomplishment! Here’s a coupon for 30%-off [Insert Store Here] Grooming Services! 

E.) Happy birthday [Insert Name Here]! We are so proud you are a [Insert Store Here] customer! Here’s a BOGO coupon to make you smile! Have a great day!

Conclusion Marketing for Pet Stores/Franchises:

Franpos Birthday trigger is a powerful tool that can be utilized 2x a year.

While showing your customer appreciation, this capability keeps your brand at the forefront of your client’s mind.

This amazing tool is available directly in your Point of Sale system, and connects directly to your company’s CRM.

We hope you’ve learned a bit about formatting Birthday SMS/Email campaigns, and you may use these templates as you’d like!

If you would like to book a free demo with one of our marketing consultants to discuss marketing campaigns, you may do so here!

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