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Marketing for QSR – Unprecedented Times

Marketing for QSR : Unprecedented Times

Marketing for QSR, or Quick Service Restaurants, is more challenging than ever during these unprecedented times.

As a result, Franpos is providing free Growth Marketing templates for quick-service restaurants.

The goal of these free templates is to provide customizable and implementable SMS/Email copy that can be sent directly to your customers.

Franpos believes SMS/Email messaging is the most beneficial way to connect to your customers and achieve results.

Our research suggests these channels are the most lucrative options available, as open rates for SMS messaging is up to 98%.

Examples of QSR Marketing – Unprecedented Times:

A.) [Insert Restaurant Here] is squeaky clean, and our food is delicious! Order delivery, grab to-go, or enjoy our distanced dining 😊 Here is a free [Insert Item] for your next visit!

B.) Stop by [insert restaurant here] for delicious food and friendly faces! We missed you so much we even launched a delivery program! Order now and receive free first delivery! 😊

C.) [Insert Restaurant Here] has implemented contactless delivery, distanced dining, and quick to-go! Order your favorite foods from the comfort of your home, or stop by at [Insert Address Here] We hope to see you soon 😊

D.) Your favorite food awaits! Drop by [Insert Restaurant Here] for squeaky clean dining and delicious eats!

E.) Hey [Insert Name Here] we miss you! Redeem loyalty points for free delivery! Hope to see you soon!


Marketing Strategy for QSR


When executing marketing strategies for QSR- it is essential to properly address the COVID-19 situation in a direct but subtle way.

Considering our readers are from different parts of the nation, and COVID-19 protocols are different everywhere, the messaging to your customers may need modification.

In the examples above, the marketing strategy is a blend of assuring the safety of your customers, while providing smiles and lighthearted messaging.

By ensuring safety through sanitization processes, distanced dining, or home-delivery, your customers may feel safer ordering from your store.

Additionally, by providing light-heartedness, laughs, and even smiles in your messaging, your customers may be reminded of the delicious foods amazing experiences they’ve had at your store.

By subtly addressing the Covid-19 situation, you can assure your customers will have an amazing experience at your QSR.

Conclusion to Marketing for QSR: Unpresented Times

Unfortunately, we are unsure when the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are going to end.

But, as difficult as it is, we have the ability to Take Advantage of Difficult Circumstances.

By properly marketing your Quick Service Restaurant, you have the ability to increase sales during unprecedented times.

If you are interested in booking a free demo with one of our marketing consultants, to better help your business during these times, you may do so here.

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