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Marketing for Salons: Unprecedented Times

Marketing for Salons: Unprecedented Times

Marketing for Salons during unprecedented times has become more difficult than ever.

As a result, Franpos is providing free Growth Marketing templates for the salon industry.

The goal of these free templates is to provide customizable and implementable SMS/Email copy that can be sent directly to your customers.

Franpos believes SMS/Email messaging is the most beneficial way to connect to your customers and achieve results.

Our research suggests these channels are the most lucrative options available, as open rates for SMS messaging is up to 98%.

Below is a list of examples as to how you can market your salon during unprecedented times:


Marketing for Salons – Unprecedented Times:


A.) Hello valued customer of [Insert Salon Name]! To make your experience better than ever, we launched online booking services!  You have the ability to select a stylist, time, and even prepay online if you’d like! We are keeping our salon squeaky clean, and we hope to see you soon! 😊 

B.) Hello [Insert Name Here]! For a limited time only, we are offering 15%-off our amazing [Insert Category Here]! With any [Insert Category Here], you are eligible for this awesome discount!  We cannot wait to help you look your best! 😊 

*In this example you are incentivizing complementary purchases*

For example:

Buy Cut/Color & receive 15%-off products
Buy a hair treatment and receive 15%-off cuts

C.) Looking for a makeover?! [Insert Salon Name] is here to help!  We have top-rated stylist, amazing prices, and even better results! We love to help our customers feel as beautiful as they are! See you soon! 

D.) Does your hair need a pick-me-up?[Insert Salon Name] has your back! We are now offering squeaky clean appointments, online booking, and amazing styles just for you! Upgrade your hair today 😊  

E.) Is your hair suffering during quarantine? Luckily, [Insert Salon Name] is now taking mask-protected appointments! We are here to perfect your hairdo, while protecting everyone around us! Drop by soon!

Marketing Strategy for Salons

When executing marketing strategies for Salons- it is essential to properly address the COVID-19 situation in a direct but subtle way.

You want your customers to feel as safe as possible, without over addressing the situation.

It is a very delicate balance, but if you over address the COVID-19 situation, it may deter customers from returning to your salon.

On the contrary, if you under-address COVID-19, your customers may not feel safe at the salon.

In the messages provided above, we have balanced both COVID safety protocols and light-hearted messaging.

The goal of our messaging is to make your customers feel safe, but also free to enjoy themselves at your salon.

Additionally, there was a value proposition in each message.

Whether it be a discount, an amazing hair offer, or promising sanitization and safety, your messaging to customers needs to have a strong value proposition.



Unfortunately, we are unsure when the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are going to end.

But, as difficult as it is, we have the ability to Take Advantage of Difficult Circumstances.

By properly marketing your Salon, you have the ability to increase sales during unprecedented times.

Franpos recommends SMS/Email marketing efforts, as it is the best way to build and maintain customer relationships.

If you are interested in booking a free demo with one of our marketing consultants, to better help your business during these times, you may do so here.

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