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How to Get Your Restaurant on the Map This Summer

Getting your restaurant seen by your customers can be difficult when they’ve only interacted with your brand through a delivery app like Postmates or DoorDash.

These platforms have their value, but profit margins favor consistent customers showing up in person to enjoy your products and service! So how do we get customers inside after a year of isolation?

So, with summer coming up fast, let’s take a look at three ways you can boost sales this summer and get your restaurant back on the map.

Make Your Online Presence Pop

In 2021, you need to be online—it’s no longer an option not to have a clean website and good social proof, but more on the social proof a little bit later.


What comes up when you Google your business? Excellent five-star reviews and a great site, or nothing at all? It’s critical that you spend some time cleaning up your restaurant and listing your new offerings. And thanks to website builders, you can have a website launched in just a few hours.


And while we want customers coming in person to our shops, it’s always good to have eCommerce and Delivery options available. You can easily utilize a commerce platform such as Franpos to build a perfect site with all of your items listed for sale without the hassle!

Get Social Proof

Social proof is everything these days, so making sure your five-star reviews are looking great is critical!

Start by putting up signage in your store asking for honest reviews, and asking your employees to mention reviews with each order. Make it obvious that you want to impress, and your customers will soon take notice!


You can also use a powerful Growth Marketing suite to send this message out to all of your loyal customers. It’s simple with a solution like Franpos, but even if not, it’s critical that you get the word out as often as possible that social proof is important to your business.

Get Smart

Finally, we think it’s critical that you invest in commerce software that works for you—not some run-of-the-mill point of sale platform that isn’t doing any work for you.


With Franpos, you can help your business think smarter—you can access your metrics from anywhere with an internet connection and easily manage loyalty, time clocks, and much more!


Your online presence will also be automatically synced to your physical presence, so you’ll never sell product if you run out and you can automatically generate purchase orders for products you need more of!


Sound like a solution to you? Schedule your free demo today and let us show you why thousands of businesses choose Franpos to help their stores thrive.

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