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Revolutionary POS for Retail

Manage all aspects of your retail business from one simple retail POS system.
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Franpos Retails Solutions combine Convenience With Innovation

As a retail franchise owner, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the POS system at the center of everything. Franpos makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business from one central POS system for retail stores.

Made to Improve Business Immediately with the Best POS System for Retail

Discover why Franpos retail systems is the “Game Changer” for you
Key Features

Point of Sales System for Retail Stores is Exactly What Retail Franchises Need

Customize It

Our platform is smart and flexible. Tailor it suit your franchise's needs and integrate with any third party system you like.

Manage Your Team

Set schedules, calculate commission, monitor punch-ins and punch-outs, and more.

Manage Payment Methods

Our platform is smart and flexible. Tailor it suit your franchise's needs and integrate with any third party system you like.

Master Your Business Intelligently

Access and manage all your data real time.

Set Permissions for Users

Grant access as it is needed, and make sure your team members have all the tools they need.

Stay Up To Date

Franpos will keep you informed on the latest trends, practices, and technological advancements in the world of POS.

Consolidate Your Operations Into One System

No more having to worry about integrations and compatibility.

Take Your Franchise by the Helm

Deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, affordably, and in real time.

Enjoy Round-the-Clock Support

We have a dedicated team standing by to help you in the unlikely event of a problem.

Getting Started

Franpos Small Business Retail POS systems Make It Easy

The Old Way

Once upon a time, when you bought a POS system for your stores, you had to pay for each software license, lots of hardware devices, and never-ending updates. This is a thing of the past with Franpos's revolutionary pricing model.
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The FranPOS Way

With Franpos, you get an all-in-one solution with software and updates included in a low monthly subscription. Avoid hidden fees and extra hardware costs with a transparent pricing model. Get started today, the Franpos way.
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World Class Companies Using Franpos Product and Clothing Store POS Solutions


Book appointments, assign rooms and resources, manage service providers, and sell retail products all from one, simple cloud-based POS app.

Quick Service Restaurant

Franpos provides total operations support for quick service restaurants, which includes running tabs, splitting tickets, processing multiple payment types, and more.

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