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Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been some of our favorite shopping destinations for years. Unfortunatelybrick-and-mortar stores are having difficulties competing with online eCommerce stores, particularly in regard to unprecedented market disruption

Lately the term ‘content is king’ has been replaced with ‘eCommerce is king.’ This is something Franpos strongly believes in. 

We’re not saying to shut the doors to your physical storefront. What does need to happen, is the grand opening (or re-opening) of your online eCommerce store.

 Statically, business success is higher when offering both traditional sales as well as integrated eCommerce.

Today, we are covering ideas on how to improve your sales both regionally and online.


Integrated eCommerce


First, we’re are going to assume you’ve adopted our advice to integrate to a cloud-based POS system.

With this point of sale system, operations are streamlined as your online and in store inventory is synced precisely. Here’s how:

eCommerce is considered optimized when online sales are streamlined to your inventory quantities, which then is self-delivered to your happy customers.

Most importantly, say goodbye to manually keying in each online order.

It is 2020—so never, ever chose to hankey all of your online orders in at the end of the day. Franpos is here to completely streamline your processes.

Any time an item is purchased online, efficient eCommerce automatically tracks and records the purchase. Additionally, it streamlines the record to your inventory so you know exactly how much stock is in at all times.

Franpos believes you can run your business operations all in one place. A wonderful place where your purchases are directly connected to your inventory to then be delivered to your consumer.

Sounds very simplebecause it is!


Merchant Services


By definition, merchant services are the ways in which businesses can accept payments. Whether it be credit, debit, or RFID, all types of non-cash payments through merchant services are charged a small fee for every payment processed, which in turn keeps these providers in business.

That means that finding a company with small service fees remains essential. 

Additionally to all other services offered, Franpos offers highly competitive rates when compared to industry standards.

We are proud to offer an all in one solution. We accept and process payments, streamline inventories automatically (no hand typing order numbers) and we streamline self-delivery—all so you can focus on your business.




Delivery is the process through which your customer receives your product. The timeframe and method of delivery, in which you provide your customer, can greatly affect your reputation

All too often, the customer’s journey is amazing up until the delivery. Whether it be long wait times or damaged goods upon arrival, delivery is the last and arguably most important part of the retail journey.

Powerhouse companies such as Amazon even circumvented the US. Postal service entirely by taking delivery into their own hands. By providing top-notch delivery, at a fraction of the cost, Amazon has single-handedly changed consumer expectations when it comes to delivery.

Today, thousands of Amazon-branded sprinter vans flood the neighborhoods of the US every single day. Most of us cannot personally fund an entire fleet of delivery vans like Amazon. However, we at Franpos may have a different solution for you!

Through Delivery with Franpos, you have the option to internalize delivery through your own branded application, or deliver through the Postmates network. 

Either way, this means, no hassling delivery, no UPS, and no wait times for your customers!

Through Franpos, your customer will buy a product, your inventory will be automatically reduced on your backend, then your personal Postmates driver will pick up your item from the store and deliver it to your happy customer seamlessly. 😊 

This is possible, and this is the reality of Franpos clients!

With Franpos, saving you time and money is our priority.

We love reports and lists at Franpos—shere’s a list of the different ways you can save with Franpos

  1. eCommerce Optimization. Let us redesign and optimize your website to ensure your clients can easily and accessibly purchase your products on a beautiful site. Save time and money without dealing with hassling ‘website designers.’ Our in-house specialists are wellequipped in HTML, Graphics, and professional eCommerce Design.

  2. Point of Sale Streamlined. Never ‘hand-type’ in-store and online order numbers ever again. Save time and money without endlessly scrolling through a traditional POS system. Our simple and high-tech system offers all of your products at the touch of a finger.

  3. Effortless Inventory. Never manually count your inventories ever again. With Franpos, your inventory is automatically tracked through your POS system. With professional and accurate inventory reports, you will know exactly how much stock you have at every single moment. Additionally, our streamlined reporting can automatically provide purchase orders to send directly to your supplier.

  4. Empowered Delivery. Never hassle with long wait times or expensive shipping costs. Partner with a nationally trusted brand, Postmates, to ensure your products are professionally and quickly delivered to your customer. 

With Franpos, we have streamlined your operations to one source. With a statof the art POS system, we can truly do it all.

We hope this article has been helpful in your understanding of how a revolutionary POS system can drastically upgrade your business operations. 

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