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Should My Ice Cream Shop Get on Social Media?

Keeping up with the latest trends was hard enough before the Internet, but these days, it seems like new trends, as well as what’s cool and what isn’t, change entirely overnight! Unfortunately, this is true in many cases, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a tech wizard in order to have a great online brand.


Kids and teenagers are the lifeblood of ice cream shops. There’s no reason to avoid social media when you know your target audience is going to be on there and ready to hear about your products!


So, if you’re ready to take the plunge, here are a few reasons why getting on social media can be great for your ice cream shop!

Get Active in the (Online) Community!


Being online is one of the best ways to stay active in the community, 24/7! Being active in the community used to mean going to pot lucks or talking with local business owners. And don’t get us wrong—it still does—but staying active in the community is also easy to do online!


You can take some time to focus on building your online brand by following and interacting with local businesses’ social media accounts and maybe get a fun banter built up with the owners or social media managers.


Many younger people will take notice of your brand because of your online presence. Plus, being seen more often is always a good thing!

Using Social Media to Grow an Online Brand


Social media is also great for building up your eCommerce site and online storefront. We always talk about building an online brand as an ice cream shop owner, but it bears repeating that being able to sell orders ahead or possibly deliver large quantities of ice cream straight to doors can be a very good thing for your business!


You want to grow, and part of growth means increasing sales during the off-season. The more you grow your brand over the winter months, the stronger sales will be all year long!

Develop Your Customer Relations


Social media will also help you promote growing your customer loyalty program and overall customer relations.


By driving people towards your brand and your website, you can do more than sell ice cream. You can get emails and phone numbers from your customers that you can use to better your customer relations!


Thank about it for a moment—with that information, you can reach out and let customers know about your latest sales initiatives or your newest products. With that level of contact, you can turn your visitors into brand ambassadors!


We hope you think about these options when building your company’s social media page. And, if you’re interested in a better way of selling online and building your customer base, give us a call. Only Franpos can offer a total turn-key solution to grow your business.


Schedule your free demo today and see why hundreds of ice cream shops choose Franpos to grow their business!


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