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Slash Your Labor Costs Without a Single Layoff!

With rapidly rising inflation and the cost of doing business, we’re seeing everyone—from the largest corporations to the mom-and-pop shops—make tough calls to adjust to the economic climate.


No matter the reason, any time costs need to be lowered, it’s natural for you to look to what is undoubtedly your largest expense—labor.


You may have all the love in the world for your employees, but love doesn’t pay the bills. In these times, it makes sense to have to reduce the number of employees, right?


What if we told you there was a better way to manage your employees and slash your labor costs without a single layoff? It’s not only possible; it’s accessible to any small business! Here’s now:



A Smarter Timeclock


Lowering labor costs always starts with using a smarter time clock. And we don’t mean a system trying to cut workers’ pay through aggressive and dubious rounding efforts. We simply mean a time clock that talks back to you!


With a time clock built into your point of sale like a Franpos solution, you can take a bird’s eye view at every minute of your business operations. That means you can see how many employees work on busy days, slow days, and down to busy and slow hours, and make comparisons to profit and loss.


You may find that your time clock can help you make better staffing decisions—reducing the strain of unneeded employees on the clock and cutting down on labor.

Managing Bookings with Smart Data


Smart data with a Franpos solution doesn’t stop with time clocks! If you run a beauty parlor or salon, or just about any business where bookings are important, you can use the built-in Franpos booking software to manage everything!


That way, you and your employees can see exactly when appointments are and when they’re coming up, so your employees will only be in the shop when a customer needs their expert services. Just another way to reduce waste—not people!


Better Hour Management


Finally, using the detailed and highly-customizable back-end reporting feature on the Franpos system, you can make adjustments to your open hours!


Seeing a day busy right from the opening minute? Consider opening an hour earlier. Notice no one coming after the sun sets? Consider closing an hour earlier.


These sorts of solutions are far easier when you’re looking at the data and can see exactly the impact of your decisions play out in the grand scheme of things. All you have to do is run the report and see the results!


The Franpos Solution


Simply put, the Franpos solution enables you to prioritize growing your business without forcing you to make tough calls against your valued employees. Save money, keep your people, and use the Franpos solution to manage everything from time clocks to eCommerce pages and so much more!


Sounds interesting to you? Check out our side to see our other features, or book your free demo today.



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