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Summer is The Hot Season for Ice Cream Shops—Are You Ready?

Seasonality is part and parcel of launching an ice cream shop—so it’s no surprise that now that temperatures are rising, so are profits! 


However, a critical aspect of selling in the summer season is maximizing profits to manage rent and utility costs over the fall and winter seasons. That’s why it’s critical to be firing on all cylinders throughout the summer season so you can enjoy winters without worries!  


Here are a few of our tips on how to manage your ice cream shop this summer and keep profits rolling in! 

Bracing For Seasonality 


While it may be tempting to think your frozen treats will sell year-round, the reality is that the winter months will either be slow or require you to shut down operations entirely to save money.  


However, bracing for seasonality also means making sure your store is open as long as possible in the summer season to collect profits. In fact, we recommend utilizing Growth Marketing tools to reach out to your customers and keep them abreast of any changes in operating time, and informed of when you’ll be open! 


Handling Online Orders 


Ice cream shops thrive on street traffic and word of mouth, but did you know it’s important to have eCommerce, too?  


Whether that means selling advance pickup orders and online catering orders only or trying your hand at delivery, we recommend you make sure you have some form of online presence and order handling functionality online. 


That way, on hot days, customers can simply swing in to pick up their pre-paid treats and head back to beat the heat! 


Growing Revenue 


Revenue growth is critical in summer, and we can think of a few ways to do so! 


One easy way is to utilize messaging to your customers on your customer loyalty database. Why not offer discounts for special holidays or send out last-minute flash sales during slower times? 


Getting clever with your customers is always the best way to stand out from the crowd. And with the Franpos system, you can ensure your revenue grows while you focus on doing what you do best—running your business! 


So we wish your ice cream shop a successful summer! And if you’re interested in Growth Marketing tools or a better way to sell treats online, schedule a free demo with us today to see why Menchie’s and hundreds of other ice cream shops choose Franpos.  

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