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What Tablets Can Do for Your Customer Loyalty

Small businesses are more than familiar with tablet-based point of sale systems by now, but did you know that these tablets can do so much more than handle your point of sale?


The truth is, there are multiple benefits to using Internet-connected systems that most other point of sale systems don’t even consider using. That’s why it’s critical that you maximize your investments and make sure that your system is doing everything possible to generate revenue.


Here are just a few of the ways tablets can transform your customer loyalty—and, how the Franpos system can be the key that unlocks more revenues for you.

Easy Lead Capture


If you’re not thinking about lead capture, you’re behind the curve. More small businesses than ever are using powerful tools that the larger corporations are using thanks to the power of the internet—and, they’re leveraging hometown knowledge no big business can compete with.


We’ll cover more of this later on, but for now, know that point of sale systems like Franpos can make it effortless to take a customer’s phone number or email at the point of sale. This simple process is called “lead capture,” and it will help you leverage an organic database of customers (also known as an oCRM) and grow your business.


More customers signed onto the platform, the better—and tablets are an easy way to make it simple for customers to give you their contact information.

Powerful Automation Tools


Now that you’ve unlocked an easier path to lead capture, it’s time to put that oCRM to work.


Using Growth Marketing tools, you can transform that list into a revenue-growing device using powerful automation tools? Don’t believe us?


When your customer logs in with each purchase, your point-of-sale platform can know exactly what they bought—and for how much. Have a special sale planned for your most loyal customers? Now you can send out messages with predetermined criteria, such as to big spenders.


All you have to do is generate the messages that will go out, and once it’s set, you can forget they even exist—they’ll simply generate revenue as you go!

Do More With an All-In-One


Aside from revenue generation, tablets simply allow you to do more with your system. Companies like Franpos also integrate eCommerce right into tablets, so you can keep track of what’s been sold both on and off-line.

There’s a lot to learn about the world of tablets and online-based point of sale systems, and Franpos wants to help you find the one system that can tackle every aspect of your business?


Sound interesting? Give us a call or schedule a free demo today to learn what we’re all about. Franpos might just be able to help you minimize time spent on the back end and focus on what really matters to you.

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