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Territories for Pizzerias

Territories for Pizzerias

Territories for pizzerias can ensure your business is protected from competing with your own franchise, along with keeping your customers happy through quick delivery.

Pizzerias have been leaders in the delivery sphere for as long as most of us can remember.

As Pizzerias are often franchises that utilize delivery zones, it is vitally important for pizza franchises to protect their territories.

Territories are areas of land which hold potential customers. These territories can be divided by Zip codes or even geographical landmarks.

Potential customers within territories are exclusively intended for certain storefronts within a franchise.

So franchisors do not lose customers to another franchise in their own chain, territories assign customers to a specific storefront based on location.

This can ensure sales for specific territories, while streamlining delivery times for drivers and customers.

Territories Protect Pizzerias


Territories protect pizzerias by ensuring that customers are directed to certain storefronts that are close to their homes.

This protects franchises from losing the customers closest to them by another store in their franchise.

For example, if there are two Starbucks stores that are a mile away from each other – if a customer orders delivery – they will be directed to the store assigned to their territory, which is closest to their home.

Instead of directing the customer to a storefront further away from them, thus increasing delivery times, and taking money from another franchise, territories protect all parties involved.

In regards to a pizzeria, territories ensure potential customers are reserved for certain storefronts.

This eliminates any specific storefront from gaining customers and profits from customers outside of their territory.

Territories protect pizzerias from losing customers to owners within their same franchise.

This ensures customers the closest to them can enjoy their business, while allowing quick delivery for paying customers.

Point of Sale & Territories


Territories can be enforced with a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system.

An amazing Point of Sale system can enforce territories for your business.

This means that orders made within your territory are automatically sent to your Point of Sale system, along with orders outside your territory being denied or sent to the proper franchisor.

This is an amazing feature that can keep your drivers from traveling too far, while ensuring your customers receive quick delivery.

In order to keep your customers satisfied, deliveries must be made swiftly and quickly.

This allows for customer satisfaction and loyalty to increase, because your delivery times are quicker than ever.

In conclusion, territories for pizzerias can ensure your business is protected from competing with your own franchise, along with keeping your customers happy through quick delivery.

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