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The Future of Ice Cream—Selling Sweets for The Future

Selling ice cream has always been a promising venture—and nothing over the past year has changed that fact. Ice cream shops are lucky in that their products aren’t exactly easy to deliver. That means customers will have to head on in for their sweet treats should they want them.


However, that doesn’t mean you need to let the future of your business remain the same as it was before 2021. In fact, the future of retail and ice cream has already arrived. Have you heard about it?


Here’s what you need to know about selling sweets for generations to come.

Creating Event Space


You’re in the ice cream business—not the venue business. Yet, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the two are becoming interchangeable!


We know from research and evidence that brick-and-mortar stores need to focus on being an event, not a chore. More and more businesses are focusing on doing just that—expanding their outdoor space, moving chairs aside for stages, and much more.


Your ice cream shop needs to do the same. Launch a business with weekend live music or get on trivia or karaoke nights. Focus on making your store the place to come for reasons other than ice cream.


And if you do, you’ll notice that you’ll sell more product than ever before.

Getting the Word Out


So now you have event space. But how do you get your customers to start attending?


That’s where software like Franpos comes into play. Franpos manages your customer relations for you—sending out automated messages whenever you need, and giving you access to hundreds of customers in an instant.


Booked last-minute talent and need a full house? Send a quick message and even a discount code to help get people into the doors. Is ice cream going bad in a day? Send out the flash sale notices!


What’s important is that you maintain constant communication with your customers, and grow your business through innovative growth marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to increase revenues in the summers and the winters.

Bringing it Home


So you’re the new place in town to hang out and have fun, and you’re messaging your customers consistently. Great! Now what?


Now, you get on Franpos.


Only Franpos can leverage every aspect of your business, from Growth Marketing and eCommerce to time clock and back-of-house management. You can do it all—for one fee, one low price, and one turnkey solution.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start getting your store ready to become the next talk of the town! And when you’re ready to truly unlock your growth potential, get a free demo and see why hundreds of ice cream shops thrive on the Franpos platform.

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