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The Vendor Paradox: When Getting Help Goes Wrong

No business owner can do it all—and when it comes to technical business such as time management, many business owners are considering outsourcing to gain time back to running their business.


Let’s be clear here—that’s a great idea! However, what’s important to keep in mind is that there is a myriad of different things that keep your business running from administrative tasks to time clock management, eCommerce, and much more.


All too often, business owners will enter into what we at Franpos like to call The Vendor Paradox.


But what is this paradox? And how can business owners make sure that when they get help, it’s actually for the benefit of their business, bottom line, and time?

How Vendors Help You


Let’s quickly review how vendors help you exactly. Understanding this helps us figure out a way out of The Vendor Paradox.


Let’s say you want to launch a website, but you need to make sure you don’t sell products and services you either don’t have or cannot provide on a certain day.


You can pay an eCommerce platform to help run your online presence, but what about managing your business’ inventory? Well, you’ll need another vendor. And, you’ll need someone to figure out how to connect your eCommerce to your in-store inventory. That might be another vendor. See where this is going?

Entering the Vendor Paradox


Heading down the path laid out above enters you into The Vendor Paradox. And it goes a little something like this:


You outsource tasks to save time. Then, you outsource more tasks to save you more time. However, managing all of your vendors begins to take up more and more time.


Using vendors was supposed to help you, but now? Instead of doing it all on your own, you’re spending all of your time on phone calls, talking to help desks, and figuring out how to make your software communicate with your other software!


And what’s worse? There are no time savings—but now, there are higher expenses!

Getting Help and Getting Out


There’s an easy way out of The Vendor Paradox, and that’s through consolidation.


You can spend lots of time trying to find vendors that can do more and more of your needed tasks—or, you can choose the Franpos solution.


With Franpos, you have one monthly bill, one point of contact, one customer service representative, and one platform that does it all. Manage your time clock, sell your products on a beautiful eCommerce platform, seamlessly manage inventory, run reports, sell products, and so much more.


So stop going down the path to more and more vendors—and find the one vendor to manage it all.


Sound interesting to you? Check out our offered services and see how a Franpos solution can work for you. Or, schedule your free demo today!

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