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Three Automatic Reports that Every Franchisor Needs

The ability to streamline your operations through automatic reports is one of our favorite uses of cloud-based data. Through the power of automatic reporting, franchisors can leverage their time more efficiently by sitting back and letting powerful point of sale software do the heavy lifting for them.

Through automated and streamlined systems, reports on employee data, close-day procedures, and sales by cashier and reap major benefits to your business.  


The benefits of automatic reporting are endless, and can be applied to all aspects of business. Let’s cover the benefits of automatic reporting as it is applied to your franchise needs. 



Time Clock Reporting 



The ability to manage employees through an online platform is something every business owner needs. Whether it be tracking employees hired at a large firm, supervising punch-ins/punch-outs, or even adding photos to employee names, time clock reporting makes employee data easier than ever. 


When it comes to praising your early bird employees or scrutinizing those who show up late, the time-clock reporting function is beneficial for all business owners. 


Viewing all employee data across all storefronts or certain storefronts specifically can ensure your business’s security. 


With more financial fraud happening than ever, it is essential to make sure internal impersonations are impossible. Additionally, cyber-phishing has recently become a popular crime that businesses should actively be protecting themselves against. 


For example, a 17-year old boy was recently charged with 30 felonies including fraud and phishing. This young man impersonated himself as a Twitter Employee and was able to steal up to one hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin through the website. Criminals such as these could have potentially been stopped or delayed if Twitter had easily accessible employee records across the entire company.  



Sales By Cashier 



Sales by cashier is another excellent automatic report you’ll need easy access to as a franchisor. These reports can provide you data to on your most lucrative employees. At the end of every day, as you close the books (or hopefully your automatic cloud-based system) you may view the names of your top sellers along with the amount of sales they made in that day. 


These numbers are specifically beneficial for retail chains and stores, which also tracks employee commissionAdditionally, the ability to streamline numbers and financial reporting saves both the owner and employee time and energy.  


We all love transparent, accurate, and readable employee data. 


As business owners, your brand’s reputation is being portrayed through your employees. It is essential to have transparent reports on how employees are performing as it directly affects business and revenue.  



Close Day Reporting 



Everyday, cash registers have starting balances, close day procedures, and everything else in between.  


Small amounts of gross revenue may be missing due to misreports, inaccurate drawer entries, or mistypes. 


With automatic financial reports, your close day operations become streamlined, automatic, and transparent. 


With Franpos close day Reports, everything you need from starting balance to ending closeouts is accurate and easily read.

Real-Time Reporting on the Franpos System

Never question employees, cash amounts, or inaccurate reporting. 

Avoid hassle and miscommunications with automatic close-out reports. 

Automatic reporting is beneficial to businesses and employees alike. It creates transparency, accuracy, and builds trust. 

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