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Need A Boost? Here’s Three Customer-Boosting Strategies For Your Small Business

Everyone needs a boost from time to time!


There’s a natural ebb and flow to any small business. Tides and trends change, and every once in a while, you really need to get more people into your store!


The challenge, however, lies within actually finding a way to get it done. Unlike some of the larger big box stores, you may not have access to massive marketing teams or campaigns. So how do you get the word out?

As it turns out, with a few innovative technologies and some grit, customer-boosting strategies don’t have to break the bank!


Don’t believe us? Here are three easy strategies to implement today.


Constant Contact


More often than not, your customers are out there–being unspoken to.


How do you fix it? Easily enough, with some constant contact!


Put aside a few minutes to an hour each day to communicate in any way possible with your customers. You can put out some flyers, talk to in-store shoppers, or find unique events to sponsor in your town!


However, the easiest solution is always a Growth Marketing campaign sent out to those in your CRM. More on your CRM later!


Simply set up a few campaigns and send out the emails and text messages you need to. The more you’re on your customers’ minds, the more they’ve come to visit!


Rewards, Prizes, and Deals


Everyone likes rewards! So, why not give out a few?


Every store has something they can do for customers. Maybe it’s a free haircut or a treat for their pets. Maybe it’s 50% off store items or some other deal.


Either way, you can drive interest in your store through some simple deals. Our tip? Combine this strategy with your Constant Contact strategy for maximum effect. For example, if you’re having a slow day, send out a text for 10% off any purchase when they come in that day and show you the message!


The CRM System


Our tips (and most strategies to boost sales) tie into something called a CRM.


Now, we’ve talked about CRMs before, but if you don’t want to read that blog, here’s the short version: you need a Customer Relations Manager as software that helps you get in contact with your customers more easily. Think of this as a database of information that you can use to send out some mass communications.


There are lots of tools out there for building a CRM, but Franpos makes this easier than ever for your business. Only with Franpos is your CRM built right into your point of sale, along with eCommerce functionality, custom growth marketing campaigns, and so much more!


Take a look around our site to see what sorts of solutions Franpos can bring to your business, and book your free demo today to see why thousands of businesses use Franpos to take their stores to the next level!

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