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Three Fun Ways to Market Your Small Business This Fall

This week marks the first few days of the official fall season! Fall for many across the northern hemisphere means cooler temperatures, daylight savings time, turning leaves, and cozy days!


As a small business owner, it’s important to stay topical and ahead of the latest curves or trends, and nothing is more predictable and enjoyable than a changing season! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s important to keep engaged with your audience so you’re top of mind when it’s time to buy some holiday gifts!


If you’re looking to successfully market your business this fall, check out these three ways you can keep customers interested and coming through the doors this season!



Offer Fall-Back Deals and Discounts!


One of the easiest marketable moments for the fall season is daylight savings time. It’s a time of year that everyone needs to remember (after all, time itself is shifting!) and you can easily help get customers through the doors for a Sunday shopping trip!


We’ll save you the Google search–as this year, daylight savings time is at 2:00 AM on November 7th.


You can open up your Customer Loyalty platform or Growth Marketing toolset and automatically schedule a discount! You can offer something like 10% off a purchase of 20 dollars or more when using the coupon code “DST” during checkout.


These small sorts of campaigns offer value in two ways–first, through an offering of a discount code, as well as through the offering of information you know your customers already need!



Offer Fall Deals Earlier (to make room for Holidays Later)


It’s no secret that the holiday season has crept out of December and really begins even before Thanksgiving. So why wait until things really kick off before putting out your plaid, knitted, and hand-crafted fall items?


Let’s be very clear–if you don’t already have your fall items out, do so today! The season may have just started, but with shipping and stocking issues building up post-pandemic, the time is certainly here for at least putting in your orders.


Selling fall stock earlier inspires customers to get ahead of the curve rather than having them feel as if they are catching up. That’s why announcing your fall deals through Franpos or your other point of sale system immediately is critical.



Offer Fall Community Events


Are there a lot of children in the area? Are there many young professionals looking for a social experience?


No matter what, you need to play to your audience and offer fun fall community events that offer value first and growth potential to your business second. It sounds backward, but through events like potlucks, chili cook-offs, trunk-or-treats, and others, you can grow trust in your brand and, in turn, grow your business!


No matter what events you have or means you use to communicate, we hope we’ve helped you get the gears turning on what you can do this fall season! Best of luck to you and your business, and if you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, click here to see why thousands of businesses choose Franpos to help them grow!

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