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Three Questions to Ask Your Point of Sale Provider

If you’re like most business owners, chances are, you’re not giving your point of sale platform a second thought.


You might have Googled “best point of sale platform” and gone with the first one you saw or picked up the same register as your friend running the gas station down the street. That might have helped you get your business off the ground, but are you getting ripped off?


If you’re gawking at your point of sale bill and wondering how all those zeroes ended up on there, here are four questions to get to the bottom of with your point of sale platform.

What Are All These Fees?


Lots of platforms thrive on the fee system—offering an attractive low monthly cost, then taking on fee after fee. And we’re not talking about processing credit card fees, but true fees designed to nickel and dime you.

Get on the phone with your provider and clear up any fees. Chances are, a few of them can likely be knocked right off.


How Much Are You Charging for eCommerce?


This question is similar to the last—but it’s a critical distinction that needs to be made.


Some platforms want to line-item out the eCommerce charge, and a lot of point-of-sale platforms don’t even offer eCommerce! You may be paying yet another fee for a third-party eCommerce platform on top of the integration fee charged by your point of sale!


Only Franpos builds eCommerce right into the software. Your monthly fee includes a gorgeous website hand-crafted by us to get the ball rolling on your online sales.


How Much is All of This, Really?


Okay, so we might have lied to your earlier about these questions being for your point of sale provider.


This one is for you.


Stick with us for a moment. You might be totally happy with your point of sale cost, but is that really the cost of your technology stack?


Time after time, we hear about clients that pay integration fees, eCommerce fees, Growth Marketing fees, and automation tools to help your software talk to your other software!


That’s why Franpos has transparent costs. Right now, you can build your perfect plan and see the monthly fee it’ll cost. And that’s it! No hidden fees. We tell you upfront what you get and you’re free to grow your business. All from one platform.


Sound interesting to you? Get a free demo today and see why our solution has helped thousands transform their businesses.

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