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Three Social Events Your Restaurant Needs to Start Hosting 

Restaurants, like most public businesses, are communal spaces. Of course, you want people to come in with their families and friends–you want as many customers as possible!  


However, all too often, restaurant owners’ marketing plans start and stop with opening the business. The truth is, repeat and regular customers are the lifeblood of your business, and you need to host events to keep people coming in again and again! 


What your restaurant needs are a host of social events to keep them coming in and enjoying your food and drink. Not sure where to start? No problem! Here are four social events your restaurant needs to start hosting. 


Trivia Night 


Weekly trivia nights are a popular and common choice for many restaurants. These typically take place during the lighter evening during the weekdays, such as on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  


The best part about trivia nights is that most towns have local companies that will do all of the hard work for you! Plus, the amount you pay for a trivia host, microphone, and speaker is ofter far, far less than the boost in sales you get just from a single night of trivia! 


Trivia nights turn sleepy evenings into fun and busy social nights, so if you’re not using trivia to your advantage, we certainly recommend it! 


Spirit Nights 


If many people are in small communities, supporting kids and schools is always a safe bet for business and brand development. For these locations, we recommend hosting a Spirit Night! 


For those of you unfamiliar, these nights allow kids and families to show their school spirit by heading to your restaurant. All purchases made have a portion of their profits donated to the schools, so people always come in to make large purchases! 


The only real cost to you is a small reduction in net profit, but the upside can be considerable depending on the night you plan it. Plus, families that see your business contributing to their schools will be sure to come back! 


Social Nights 


This is a broad and general category that tends to do well in more urban settings. 


To get sociability into your restaurant, try launching special nights for specific groups, such as a ladies’ night or a singles night. These events turn your restaurant into a communal space where people can make new relationships! 


Getting the Word Out 


We hope that these three event ideas have generated a few options for you to consider as you look to grow your business! 


But once you’ve chosen your preferred options, how do you get the word out?  


With Franpos commerce software, it’s easier than ever. You can send powerful email and text campaigns with the click of a button and send them based on a variety of triggers, or even manually. That way, you can encourage guests to come in during your events, and set them discounts or special offers automatically, just a few days later! 


There’s a lot you can do with the Franpos system to grow your business. For more information, schedule your free demo today!  

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