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Get These Three Things Sorted Before Opening Your Retail Business

So, you’ve decided to open up a retail business!


If you’re reading this, odds are, you’re pretty far into the process already. After sorting out business licensing, commercial space to rent, product acquisition, and much more, you’re just about ready to open.


But, not so fast! Something that a lot of business owners often overlook (understandably) during the startup process has a lot to do with day-to-day operations. Neglecting to think about growth, branding, and similar issues before the doors open can really dull the big splash you’re expecting to make during your first month.


Not to worry—as we’ll go other the top three things you need to sort before oping up your retail business now.


Your Online Presence


First thing’s first—how’s your website looking? Does it even exist?


We know that you’re opening a retail business because you want face-to-face customer interaction, but just because it’s what you wanted doesn’t mean your customer base won’t be googling you before showing up.


A broken website or a single bad review can turn people away from your business before they ever see the storefront!


Keep your online presence in check, and if you’re looking to elevate your sales, consider an integrated eCommerce strategy as well.


Your Marketing Plan


Next up, we need to talk marketing.


Any business owner looking to grow their store knows they need to get into communication with their customers. So how do you plan to do so?


Our recommendation? Get a point of sale platform that offers some sort of way to collect customer data for a loyalty program and put it into a special management tool called a CRM.


We’ve written extensively about this already, so feel free to read that article for more information!  


Your Point of Sale


Finally, we have to talk about what we’ve been hinting at this whole time—and that’s the point of sale system itself.


Your point of sale is your conduit for growth. It’s the system that’s designed to help you collect money for transactions, clock your employees in and out, manage your customer data, and much more.


Truly—if you’re looking to open a business, you need smart software that works for you and not the other way around.


Our advice? Start your retail business off strong with the only point of sale platform designed to be your complete commerce platform.


Franpos handles it all for you—from eCommerce functionality to emails and texts directly to your customers. You can handle booking online and sell your products on a beautiful online storefront. Plus, you can even handle in-house delivery!


There’s a lot to the Franpos system than we can really get into in such a short amount of time. So, we hope you consider these three tools to grow your business, and if you’re looking to really elevate your operations, schedule your free demo today to see why Franpos is trusted by thousands of business owners worldwide.  

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