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The Three Types of Tech You Need for Your Restaurant

Restaurant tech has come a long way since the cash register. It’s 2021, and you need to be sure your restaurant has everything it needs to succeed both on and off-line. Keeping competitive often means keeping up with the times, so we’ve taken some time to highlight the tech your restaurant needs to thrive in the new decade.


Here are three types of tech you need for your restaurant—and, how to get them.

Touch Screen Terminals

Point of sale systems are designed to handle transactions, sure—but they handle so much more of that these days! When collecting information, valuable time is saved by showing your customers exactly what is on their ticket before they pay for it.


And, thanks to new customer loyalty tools, you can collect vital information from your customers right at the terminal! Customers can put in their email or phone number directly into the terminal themselves—instead of having to transcribe and repeat their info with your workers.


This saves valuable time, reduces stress on customers, and helps them be more willing to convert into consistent fans of your brand!

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Restaurant tech is more digital than ever before, and in many cases, customers want to do all of the ordering for themselves. So, why not give them the option?


Set up your very own self-checkout kiosk in your store to minimize strain on your workers and give customers the time to get their orders exactly as they want them. Systems like Franpos also integrate these kiosks directly into the rest of your point of sale, so there’s no need to worry about getting data off of the device.


This way, you can focus more on service and keep more workers on more economically efficient tasks.

Powerful Back-End Tools

Finally, restaurants need powerful, smart data to keep their stores running. That’s why powerful back-end tools are needed to tell store owners when sales are good, bad, and which items to consider swapping out.


You need a system like Franpos, that can run reports and get you the info you need to make smarter decisions. So don’t worry about sorting your customers’ habits out yourself. Invest in a system that can give you peace of mind and help you grow your business.

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