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Three Ways Pet Stores Can Upsell Products Before Checkout

Ever pick up one last item right before or at the checkout counter? The idea of getting one last product or service on a ticket at the end of the customer’s experience—also known as upselling—is certainly tantalizing for small business owners looking to find ways to increase revenues.

Grocery stores, for example, upsell by strategically placing waters, gum, and other quick purchases at the counter for a “grab-and-go” customer experience.

At a pet store, product upselling often consists of collars, treats, toys, and other small goodies situated right at the checkout counter. However, while highly popular, checkout product placement isn’t the only course of action owners have to choose from.

Let’s cover all of the strategic ways Pet Stores can upsell products, setting aside product placement right at checkout.

Product Upselling During Grooming

Upselling products by offering free trials during the experience is the best way for clients to buy your products by allowing them the time to consider the offer while experiencing the benefits firsthand.

So, if you are a Pet Store that offers grooming services, it may be strategic to offer the free trial of a product before the animal has received grooming.

For example, when the client is dropping off their pet, you can tell them, “We have a new fur conditioner that lasts up to three weeks longer, would you like to try it for free?”

This simple act of kindness, at low cost to the business itself, will often result in the customer purchasing the product sampled at their next grooming session after seeing the value the product provides.

Upselling Through Customer Assistance

When a customer comes into a pet store and is looking for a product, your team members may approach them and ask, “can I help you find what you are looking for?”

Based on the customer’s response, your employee may be able to subtly upsell them a product based upon their needs.

For example, if they are looking for dog food, your team members can reply that “the dog food is on aisle three next to the dog vitamins. You may want to check those out as they are pretty affordable.”

This allows your team members to introduce the option of dog-vitamins to customers while fulfilling the need they were initially looking for and allowing them the space to browse your selection.

So, as the client finds the dog food, they are more likely to purchase the dog vitamins than if your employee did not suggest it to them in the first place!

Final Thoughts

There are many methods you can utilize to subtly, or not-so-subtly, upsell products to customers.

As the checkout line seems to be the most traditional way to upsell, we hope these recommendations have sparked ideas for your pet store that you had not considered before.

Automated and suggestive upselling at the point of sale is one of the strengths of the Franpos platform. If you are interested in seeing how your point of sale can subtly upsell to your customers, consider speaking to a marketing expert at Franpos here.

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