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Three Ways to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Ever since Franpos launched its Managed Growth Marketing Program, we’ve learned a lot about marketing for our clients. It has been such an amazing experience to better understand the values and ethos of these companies while doing our best to create incremental revenues for them. 

Here are the early results: we’ve been able to increase our client’s sales by $2,000 in TWO DAYS! 

These results are just the beginning, and we are so excited to see how we will succeed from here. 

That’s why we wanted to delve further into the Franpos Growth Marketing Program and provide three helpful tips for businesses that might be launching similar efforts. 




Before a campaign can be launched, a proper marketing consultation must take place. This is true for all marketing campaigns, but particularly for Managed Growth Marketing as well.  

After an initial consultation, our branding experts write personalized content for the client that becomes approved by upper management. However, the collaboration doesn’t end when the emails and text messages go out. 

With so many steps involved in the pre-launch, launch, and maintenance of campaigns, it is essential for both parties to stay consistent. This means being timely to weekly meetings, answering emails/calls promptly, and staying vigilant of results in case anything needs adjustment. 

As timeliness is a huge factor in this industry, it is so important that both parties are attentive and consistently bettering their approach to the program. 


Attention to Detail 


Attention to detail seems like an obvious answer—but there are so many factors that go into the success of a marketing campaign. 

When running a discount, it is important for marketers and businesses to be as transparent as possible in regards to the discount limitations. This means double and triple-checking end dates, times, and even campaign verbiage. 

Additionally, when running a campaign through a marketing program such as Franpos, it is essential that everyone on the client’s team is aware of the offers that the campaign makes and is up-to-speed on customer expectations. 

For example, if you are running a 15% discount in-store and online – it is vital employees within that store are prepared to offer that discount to customers. 

Additionally, if a specific discount code needs to be presented at checkoutit is essential your eCommerce website has been updated to accept that specific code. 

For larger companies, it may be necessary for the corporate IT team to implement that discount, or it may be vital that in-store employees have the capability and knowledge to update the system for a specific code.

Regardless, attention to detail, in every aspect, is vitally important to the success of a marketing campaign. 




Many businesses launch Marketing Campaigns through third-parties such as Franpos to take the stressors off of their hands. 

Marketing programs keep owners focused on their business while allowing marketers to do what they do best. 

This ability to transfer marketing power to a third party is extremely beneficial but also requires patience and understanding. Not everything is going to be perfect—especially in the beginning as both parties learn to work synergistically 

Keeping an open mind and being flexible is extremely important throughout this process.  

Here at Franpos, our Managed Growth Marketing service may be a huge success, but it is only through communication, patience, and teamwork that campaigns can thrive. 

It takes a whole village to successfully launch a marketing campaign, and adaptability is a huge component to success. 




Through consistency, attention to detail, and adaptability, you’ll be able to successfully launch a marketing campaign that thrives. 

The ability to stay goal-oriented, communicative, and openminded can truly make a difference for your business. 

At Franpos, your goal is ours. We strive to increase the sales of our clients and readers through any method necessary. 

We are proud to be a collaborative company that offers amazing software along with interactive programs such as Managed Growth Marketing. 

If you are interested in launching a lucrative marketing campaign with Franpos, you may book a free demo Here.

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