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3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Switch Point of Sale Providers

Let’s face it—dealing with a change in technology provider is a massive pain. There are lots of calls to make, from calls to your current point of sale provider and the hassle of canceling, to the calls you’ll need to make with your future business partner, and all of the employees to train and stock to manage.


However, if you’re familiar with the sunk-cost fallacy, then you know at a certain point, the difficulty of switching point of sale providers is so much easier than the pain of dealing with a current provider that just doesn’t fit the bill for your business.


So, how do you know when it’s time to switch? As yourself these three questions to see if it’s time to make the jump!

Is Your Point of Sale System Cloud-Based?


This one should be a total given. If your point of sale isn’t cloud-based, what century is your system from?


Simply put, cloud-based point of sale systems offer all of what legacy systems claim to offer and so much more. Cloud-based systems can be updated with the tap of a finger, taking all of the hassles out of dealing with a provider to send in a technician.


Furthermore, issues can usually be solved online, and if you’ve got an issue, it’s far easier to have a remote technician work virtually on the problem than having to schedule an appointment with a person in your area.


Systems like Franpos push out periodic updates, free of charge, in order to continuously improve and perfect the point of sale experience. That should be reason enough to convince you to find a cloud-based system that’s right for you!


Is Your Point of Sale System Online?


We get it–that kind out sounds like being cloud-based. However, it’s more complicated than that!


Selling your good and services through a dedicated online platform is critical for helping you grow your business. Systems need to offer a means for you to sell products online and see those sales in-store. If your system isn’t doing that, it may be time to switch.

Is Your Point of Sale System All-in-One?


This last point is critical for cost savings and reducing headaches.


Point of sale software is just a small portion of the total software that powers your business. You need growth marketing tools, financial reports, time clocks, appointment schedulers, and much more.


Only a Franpos all-in-one system handles all three of the questions above, but no matter what, you need to find a system that can do all of it and save you the hassle!


We hope this has helped you decide whether or not it’s time to quit your current provider. And, if you’re interested, schedule a free demo today and see why the Franpos solution is the complete solution for thousands of small businesses around the world.

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