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Selling Outside Your Storefront? Tips for Taking Your Point of Sale on the Road

Inside your storefront, everything is set up just the way you need it to be. Customers browse your aisles or use your services and check out at the front. Simple, right?


Well, what happens when it’s time to try setting at a food truck? Or at a local festival?


Selling at these types of events is critical for growing a business–not to mention, it’s great marketing! Problem is, lots of business owners don’t have time to learn the tricky business of mobile sales.


Well, we’ve got you covered! If you’re selling outside of your storefront, here are some tips for taking that point of sale system of yours on the road.


Running Sales off A Tablet


First thing’s first–you need to talk to your point of sale provider and see if your software can run off a tablet.


If you’re using a cloud-based system, this is far more likely than legacy systems. But even then, some providers don’t make it easy to transport your system around.


If you’re stuck with a provider that isn’t helping out, you can always invest in a total commerce solution like Franpos. With Franpos, your platform runs on Android–so transportation is far easier and possible on mobile tablets.


Running Sales On The Cloud


We just mentioned cloud-based systems, and that’s critical.


Running your sales on the road often means running your sales off of ethernet. On WiFi or cell service, a loss of service can cause serious issues when trying to check out customers.


Make sure your point of sale provider has a system in place to there–if the Internet goes down–you can keep selling!


With the Franpos system, this isn’t a problem. If there’s a temporary loss of service, you can keep taking payments and process them the second service comes back. It’s that easy!


Running Sales Through eCommerce


Finally, selling on the road may also mean talking to customers about making purchases online. For those who are busy or aren’t able to meet you where you’re at, you need eCommerce sales. In 2022, selling online is a must-have.


With Franpos, you can run your sales through eCommerce and in person!


In practice, that means you can prevent selling products you don’t have and never worry about inventory. Online customers can rest assured that when they purchase a product, you’ll have it for them when they can come in or when you deliver it to them.


Ultimately, selling in public events or on trucks isn’t hard–if you have a technology solution that works for you.


Our advice? Schedule your free demo with us today and see how Franpos makes it easier than ever to sell online, in-store, on the road, or anywhere in between! Thousands of customers use the Franpos system to run their businesses. One low monthly fee gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and tons of services, too!


Happy selling!  

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