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Upselling Complementary Products

Upselling Complementary Products/Services can double sales and revenues. 


 By definition, items that are complementary but sold on separate tickets can be described as complementary. 


Just as cereal is not commonly sold without milk, you can position your business as such. 


Complementary products/services can greatly increase sales in any industry. 


Franpos is offering free SMS/Email templates you may use to upsell complementary products for your business. 


In this example, we will be targeting the Pet Industry. 


How to Upsell Complementary Products/Service

As our research suggests, Franpos believes SMS/Email marketing is the most lucrative channel available for marketing and customer retention. 


SMS/Email marketing streamlines your business to your customers, directly to their cellphones. 


As cellphones have become an extension of human communication – they provide an amazing opportunity to connect to your customers as well. 


By Upselling Complementary Products/Services through SMS/Email efforts, you can communicate the value of your products directly to your customer. 

For example:

Upselling Complementary Products/Services Strategy 


There are a couple of strategies you can use to properly incentivize your customers to purchase complementary products/services. 


Remind them of the amazing product(s) they purchased:

  • Offer a discount
  • Recommend a complementary product 

By reminding customers about their recent purchases, they are more likely to have good memories associated with the item or experience. 

This will make a customer more likely to purchase complementary products/services. 

Additionally, make sure the complementary product is just as amazing as the first product or a necessity for the first product. 

Some examples of complementary products are: 

Cereal -> Milk 
Salas/Dips -> Chips 
Tennis Balls -> Tennis Rackets 
PlayStation -> Games 
Tooth Brush -> Toothpaste 

By positioning your products as such, your business can double sales and revenues. 

There is a fine line when it comes to ethically selling complementary items to customers. 

If they are manufactured and bought wholesale as two separate items, such as a tennis ball and tennis racket, it is ethical to sell these items separately. 

But it may be considered unethical to: 

Sell one left headphone and separately the right 
Sell one left shoe and separately sell the right 
Sell a computer and separately sell the charger 


Franpos believes there is a way to ethically sell to your customers at a fair price, while still upselling complementary products/services. 

Conclusions to Upselling Complementary Products 

As we have said before, you may utilize and customize these free SMS/Email marketing templates for your business. 

We believe there are many ways to upsell complementary products/services, and we hope you have found valuable information in our Resource Hub. 

If you are interested in learning how to upsell complementary products/services, you may book a free demo with one of our consultants here. 

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