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Webinar Recap – Intro to Managed Growth Marketing

As of last week, we are now launching weekly webinars to better demonstrate our Managed Growth Marketing functions that are built into the Franpos system.  


The purpose of these weekly webinars is to further dive deeper and deeper with every webinar into the complexities of the Franpos system. 


The purpose of today’s article will be a short recap of the first Managed Growth Marketing Webinar that took place on November 24th 


What is Growth Marketing? 


Traditional marketing focuses on communicating your value to your customers through first awareness then second, acquisition. 


Growth marketing targets your clients throughout their entire buyer’s journey, from awareness to repetitive purchases, and even referral. 


The Growth Marketing functions within your Franpos system does just that. 


Franpos Growth Marketing has the ability to not only target your current customers but to appeal to them on a level that incentivizes repeat purchases. 


Repeat purchases may be encouraged through discounting, loyalty points, referral programs, and amazing branding. 


At Franpos, we utilize the most lucrative channels available to connect with your customers, SMS, and email messaging. 


Activating Your Growth Marketing Functions  


Franpos has an amazing set of tools and Marketing functions built into your Franpos terminal.  


To add Growth marketing to your business, you will utilize the toolbar on the left side of your dashboard.  


Go to Settings -> Account -> My Plan & Billing 


Once on this dashboard, you may Add-on Growth Marketing. 


Depending on your customer base, you can choose from multiple tiers of messaging options. 


From 5K SMS/Monthly all the way to 40K SMS/Monthly – Franpos offers a wide range of tiers available depending on your location’s CRM. 


In this specific article, we will be focusing on the Growth Marketing functions available underneath the marketing tab on the left side of your Franpos system. 


Accessing Growth Marketing 


To access Growth Marketing, go to -> Marketing Tab on the left side of your terminal -> click Growth Marketing.


Once you have clicked Growth Marketing, you will now be introduced to the Growth Marketing Dashboard. 


In the Growth Marketing Dashboard, you have the ability to track, create, and view Growth Marketing campaigns. 


Both email and SMS campaigns are created, launched, and tracked through this dashboard. 

From this Dashboard, select the Red Dots on the Righthand Side -> Add Campaign.


Once you press ‘Add Campaign’ you will be taken through a four-step process to curate your campaign. 


Page One

  1. Select Location(s) – the message will be sent to the CRM of whatever location(s) is selected 2
  2. Campaign Name – The campaign name will not be seen by customers, it is only seen by you 3
  3. Campaign Type – Choose if your customer will receive SMS, EMAIL, or Push Notification  



Page Two



  1. Send Criteria – > Send Manually for campaign to be deployed manually  
  2. Subject Line -> This subject line will ONLY be seen by your customers for an Email campaign
  3. Description-> This is the exact words/verbiage your customers will receive  



Page Three: 



  1. Send to -> Choose ‘All’ for the campaign to be sent to your entire CRM 



Page Four: 



  1. Preview -> The campaign by Test’ sending it to your personal email/phone number2
  2. Save -> The campaign by hitting the Red ‘Save’ -> bottom Righthand corner 



Deploy Campaign 



Once Hitting ‘Save’ you will have successfully created a campaign and be taken back to the Growth Marketing Dashboard 


From here, you will see the campaign in the Growth Marketing Dashboard 



To Send/Deploy the Growth Marketing Campaign


  1. Send -> Click Three Dots on the Righthand Side 2
  2. Send Manually -> Click the term Send Manually 



You have successfully launched a Growth Marketing Campaign through the Franpos system. 


To track the results of your campaign: 

Reports on the Left-hand side -> Marketing Campaign Report 


In conclusion, sending a growth marketing campaign through the Franpos system is easy as 1,2,3! 


This article has been a recap of the first Growth Marketing Webinar!  


Tune in weekly to watch the webinars live, and learn more about your Franpos system! 


If you are interested in having a personalized consultation about Growth Marketingyou may book a free demo here. 

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