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Webinar Recap – Scheduling Your Campaigns

Following last week’s Growth Marketing Webinarwe are continuing the step-by-step process of breaking down how you can apply Franpos Growth Marketing to your business. 


In the second webinar, we covered the ‘schedule date and time’ campaign trigger. 


With this Franpos trigger, you have the ability to pre-load campaigns to be sent to customers at a specific time and date. 


This allows you to have peace of mind knowing your customers are staying connected while you focus on other aspects of your business. 




Aside from the benefit of automatic campaign deploymentyour pre-scheduled marketing campaigns have the following perks. 


Pre-built and Pre-loaded Marketing Campaigns – Ready for your customers 

Build Now – Payout later Model 

A/B Testing Capabilities 





As explained in Growth Marketing Webinar One Recap – you can access the Growth Marketing Dashboard on the left side of your Franpos terminal, under Marketing. 


Once in Marketing -> select Growth Marketing .


To preload a marketing campaign, to be deployed at a specific date/time, you will go through the campaign curation process as explained in Webinar One Recap 


Secondly, you will choose the -> Schedule Date/Time Criteria on page two- for the specific date and time you’d like to contact your customers. 


Keep in mind, the larger your customer base, the longer it may take your message to deploy.  


So, for large customer bases of about 1,000 contacts- you may want to schedule out your message up to two hours before you’d like your customers to receive the campaign. 


After completing all three steps as discussed in Webinar One Recap- Press the ‘Save’ button, and your campaign will be deployed on that specific date/time. 


Now you have the ability to forget about the campaign, and allow the software to ‘send’ for you! 


Pre-Built & Pre- Loaded  


An amazing perk of utilizing the ‘send scheduled date/time’ function is your ability to pre-load campaigns for deployment. 


This function allows you to schedule out campaigns from a content calendar, and then allow the program to launch on your behalf.  


This can bring you peace of mind while you focus on other tasks, knowing that your customers are being professionally contacted on your behalf. 



Build Now – Payout later Model 


With the ‘Schedule Date/Time’ function, your business has the ability to build now – and payout later. 


This allows for your business to enjoy the perks of marketing campaigns, without you having to lift a finger during the process. 


If you take the time to build and schedule campaigns now, you will have the ability to payout later. 


Your business will see an influx of sales, as the campaign was automatically sent to your customer base. 


This ‘Schedule Date/Time’ function keeps you focused on operating your business, while your customers are focused on your amazing marketing promotions. 


A/B Testing Capabilities 


The ‘Schedule Date/Time function’ allows for you to track the direct impact of marketing campaigns. 


On an ‘off-week’ where a campaign is not scheduled, your sales amounts may go back to your average monthly volume. 


But, when the campaign has automatically been sent, your sales may clearly be increase, thus proving the power of your pre-built marketing efforts. 


This fluctuation of sales during off-weeks vs. campaign weeks, may directly impact your business in a clear manner. 


This transparency allows for you to properly track the success of your campaigns, and compare your results to different Growth Marketing Triggers, and ‘off-weeks.’ 




In conclusion, the ‘Schedule Time and Date’ trigger, allows for you to preload campaigns to later enjoy the results. 


Our research finds that businesses who target customers at a cadence of four times a month, have better success in regards to Growth Marketing. 


Our advice is to plan out a content calendar and pre-load campaigns a month ahead of time. 


This keeps you from rushing to send manually, to ensure a lack of mistakes. 


Additionally, pre-loaded campaigns send automatically, which provides businesses with the opportunity to focus on other things while enjoying the results of a pre-built campaign. 


We hope you have found value in the Growth Marketing Webinar II Recap! 


If you are interested in booking a free consultation with one of our Growth Marketing experts, you may do so by booking a free consultation here.  

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