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What Are Merchant Services?

Merchant services are utilized every single time a debit or credit card is used. 


For your business, and with whatever you sell, you’ll need some form of merchant services. There are many options for merchant services, and many competitors offering services at various and often confusing prices. 


Here’s what you need to know about merchant services: 


With any service rendered, a fee is deducted from the purchase price to pay the merchant provider. This is why some stores require a minimum card payment of $3 or more, to ensure the economics of offering the service can provide revenue for the provider. 


At Franpos, we offer some of the most competitive service rates on the market, In addition to providing one of the fastest and most advanced point of sale systems available. 


At Franpos, it is our goal to keep the most money in your pocket at all times. We routinely ensure our rates are competitive with the truly stringent competition in the point of sale space. 


Franpos is proud to offer an amazing POS system, paired with amazing software for entrepreneurs. 


If you’d like to learn the specifics of our business and merchant service rates, you may book a demo with our experts here.


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