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What Are the Benefits of Being a Franchisor?

There are many benefits to being a franchisor, such as an established reputation, branding assets, and customer base. 


Running and owning a franchise business is highly unique for a number of reasons. 


Franchising provides opportunities and resources that have a competitive advantage over independent businesses, especially when first launching. 


There are many benefits of being a franchisorwhich we will be covering today. 


Franchise Reputation 


It has been proven time and time again that customers are more likely to purchase from established brands they trust. 


Whether it be for household supplies, clothing, or necessities, customers trust brands they know and love. 


This competitive advantage puts franchises ahead of independent retailers whom customers are not as familiar with. 


When choosing a franchise, it is smart to leverage an established reputation to your advantage. 


Customers are willing to buy from franchises over independent retailers for reasons such as pricing, trust, and overall brand awareness. 


Although we are not stating the quality of franchises are necessarily better than independent retailers, the customer’s perception may be of that. 


With that being said, we advise those who are looking into becoming a franchisor, to pick a brand they believe is quality, and who has an established reputation.  


Franchise Branding Assets 


Branding assets allow for franchisors to jumpstart their businesses to the highest degree.  


From the start, a franchisor has access to corporate logos, color schemes, fonts, and other branding assets that can be difficult for independent retailers to curate. 


With a library full of branding assets, the bridge between independent retailers and franchises is significant. 


Instead of paying a graphic designer to curate a logo or branding identity, a franchise has all of these files readily available. 


This saves mass amounts of time, energy, and effort for franchises, as their branding identities are previously established. 


These assets provide franchisors a competitive advantage against independent retailers, who have to curate extensive branding identities. 


A Built-In Franchise Customer Base 


One of the most challenging aspects to business is creating a reoccurring customer base. 


For an independent retailer, it is vitally important to create organic awareness and incentivize your customer base to purchase repeatedly.  


One of the most powerful benefits of a franchise, is an established customer base. 


An established customer base eliminates groundwork in the beginning, and provides higher opportunities for sales on the front-end. 


By having an established customer base in the beginning, sales will be higher after launching, as customers are previously established, trusting, and aware of your brand. 


Due to the fact 80% of your sales are conducted by 20% of your customer base, a franchise offers opportunities for high revenues on the front-end, without having to invest in awareness marketing to drive sales. 




There are many benefits to being a franchisor.  


In regards to reputation, branding assets, and an established customer base, a franchise provides quick opportunities for growth. 


As a franchise has spent years curating a strong reputation, structure, and brand, the benefits of being a franchisor are endless. 


At Franpos, we believe in the importance of independent retailers. 


But for the purpose of today, we wanted to cover the benefits of being a franchisor. 


If you are interested in learning more, or implementing software for your franchise, you may book a free demo here. 

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