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What Beauty Stores Need in A POS

Beauty stores present a unique problem for software developers due to the wide-ranging needs of store owners.  

A busy and thriving beauty store processes dozens of in-store hair appointments and sell products both to the public and those coming in for appointments. At the same time, eCommerce sales and online bookings of future appointments need to be processed daily.

A robust point-of-sale (POS) system designed for the beauty industry needs to be able to leverage each of these aspects of a salon, and if a salon has multiple locations, present data on all locations to the franchisor. It’s a tall order, so as you look for the right POS for your salon or beauty store, consider the following before signing the dotted line: 


A POS Designed for Bookings 


Bookings are absolutely critical for a beauty store to ensure it remains highly staffed and prepared for both walk-ins and appointments. Similarly, you’ll need a POS system that can handle everything and synchronize with your online platform. 

Now more than ever, customers are booking their hair appointments online. You’ll need that information to manage your stylists and their schedules. If you have a stylist scheduled to leave early and someone books a high-margin styling during their shift, the lack of communication between your online booking platform and your POS can mean a loss of revenue—and a very unhappy client.  

Ideally, your POS platform will have booking functionality built right in—removing the need for synchronization between two parties entirely. Booking through Franpos, for example, does just that 


A POS Designed to Sell (and Upsell) Product 


We know that 88 percent of all consumers expect product introductions as a part of their salon experience. You need a POS that can handle stacking payments for services on top of products sold during the cut by your top stylists.  

Likewise, if your customers have developed trust in your brand, they may seek you out for their favorite hair care products on your site. Having eCommerce enabled allows your salon to profit from the multi-billion dollar online retail industry. However, there is a downside.

If you’re selling products both in-store and online, without proper integration, you may sell products you don’t have. A high-quality POS system designed to handle multiple channels can send you daily notifications on stock, keeping you up to date on what you have and what you need to order more of.  

And with Franpos POS for beauty stores, your highest-margin items can present directly to clients as they check out and further drive sales through Impulse Buy. 


A POS Built on The Cloud 


Traditional salons can operate with scissors and skill—running even during outages. However, not all POS systems can pull off the same feat.  

Traditional POS systems lose and drop data when power surges, cuts out, or their internet connection drops. That’s why cloud-based systems work with salons, not against them. 

A cloud-based POS system for the beauty industry can synchronize with all online channels when connected, but run independently and store payment information during outages. Once connection returns, a cloud-based POS system can resynchronize and you can continue your business without dropped payments, missed appointments, or angry clients.  


Final Thoughts 


When running a salon or beauty store—and especially franchises—you need a point-of-sale that can handle every aspect of their business.  

Just as the wrong POS can hold you back, the right POS with built-in automation tools and a powerful omnichannel design can set your business up for years of success.  

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