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What Beauty Stores Should Look For In A Point of Sale

We know that point of sale systems are some of the least considered pieces of commerce for many small businesses. And to be fair, it makes sense! Point of sale systems are designed to simply function and offer an easy means to process the transactions that make up the majority of your business operations.


However, it’s important to know that beauty stores need to consider how their operations can be profoundly influenced by this integral piece of commerce. And, consider what sort of operational needs they need that are unique to the beauty store experience.


That’s why we’re going to be looking at exactly what beauty stores should look for in a point of sale system. We hope that this guide gives you the starting point you need to have a truly successful business.  



Booking is Everything


It’s no secret that the beauty store industry relies on appointments. Whether you offer haircuts, pedicures, manicures, spa treatments, or any other manner of service, you’re offering an experience that must be had in person.


A point of sale system often integrates or connects with booking software. In fact, for your business, you may be used to working with this booking software already, and working to make it function more effectively with your point-of-sale software.


Instead of having to deal with this tiresome task, why don’t you consider having your point of sale and booking software be one and the same?


Franpos offers Online Booking directly in the point-of-sale experience for exactly this reason. This way, your customers can book their experiences with your beauty store online, and those experiences will automatically appear in your in-store cash register.


Think about the amount of time this will save! Your employees will be able to clock in, check out every aspect of their day and clients at a glance, and make adjustments as needed.



Time Clock and Scheduling


Speaking of your employees, beauty stores also need the means to manage the time clock of their employees. And having an all-in-one system like Franpos is perfect for these means!


Consider this—with booking, point of sale, and time clock bundled entirely within one platform, don’t you think it would be easier than ever to make adjustments to the schedule?


By these means, you can benefit yourself and your employees. You’ll only have employees on the schedule with full client appointments. And, for your employees, they’ll know that they won’t have dead time and will be able to most effectively receive tips and please their clients.


Together Is Better


What most beauty stores need in a point of sale system is harmony—they need software that works holistically to provide innovative solutions to their business.


And we’ve only scratched the surface with what can be done with a point of sale system. Systems like Franpos offer even more functionality—such as Growth Marketing, eCommerce, and much more!


Sound interesting? Schedule your free demo to see why hundreds of other beauty stores choose Franpos to grow their business!


We hope these points help you look for exactly what you need in a point of sale. Best of luck!

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