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What is Managed Growth Marketing?

We are so happy and proud to have launched our Managed Growth Marketing service just a few weeks ago. This integrated service combines with your existing Franpos point of sale system to maximize customer interactions and increase sales an average of 11.5%. 

Managed Growth Marketing by Franpos (MGM) combines smart growth marketing software with specialized marketing consultants.  

The result is our ability to take your brand to the next level! 

In this article, we will be covering MGM, its features, and its benefits. Continue reading to see how this can be applied to your business. 


Breaking Down Managed Growth Marketing 


At Franpos, we believe your time is money—and it’s our mission to make the most of both. 

That’s why with MGM, your ideas are brought to life with little to no time cost for you! 

Here is a quick breakthrough of how it works: 

  1. A free consultation is conducted with one of our marketing specialists. During this consultation, we will dissect your branding identity, your ideal customer, and your revenue goals to see if MGM is right for you. 

  2.  After moving forward with MGMyour dedicated marketing specialist will curate content specific to your brand. 

  3.  We will have a second consultation, where you will review and approve the content, to make sure it fits your business requirements. 

  4.  Launch marketing campaigns will launch from various channels, and your revenues will increase. 

  5.  Repeat 😊 


With Franposit really is that easy. 

Now that you have a better understanding of our processes, lets further discuss the types of content Franpos will be launching for you, and why. 




From video ads and graphics to paid promotions and social media, there are hundreds of ways to produce content. That being said, we only push the most lucrative content on the most lucrative channels. 

Research has shown two significant indicators of success for text message marketing: 

  1. Text Message Marketing has an open rate of 98% 

  2. Text Message Marketing has a conversion rate of 32% 

With this in mind, our CEO and marketing specialists have decided that text message marketing is the most lucrative and direct way to connect with your customers. 

Especially in the current economic climate, it is imperative you can connect to your customers virtually. 

But that’s not all… 

In addition to SMS or text message marketing, we have additionally added email marketing to our MGM packages. 

This is due to the recognizability of email marketing, along with the ability to maintain your company’s branding and graphic templates. 

Between these two channels, we have seen our customers increase sales 11.5%! 


Return on Investment 


With our Managed Growth Marketing, we promise you a healthy return on investment.  

With our automated financial reporting, you never have to question the success of your marketing campaigns. Everything you need to know about your financial success is automated, reported, and transparently shared with all parties involved. 

This keeps businesses confident about their results as they can directly track their sales fluctuations from any device and at any given time. 

As marketing efforts are launched, they contain unique campaign IDs that directly correlate to your increases in sales. From that point, we have the ability to track the customers who purchased your products directly from our campaignsto be reported that back to you. 

On a bimonthly basis, we review results, and modify campaigns to better improve your sales! 




When it comes to our marketing tactics, we have over sixteen campaign frameworks that we use to curate the best results possible. 

We know that 80% of your future profits will be generated from the highest spending 20% of your existing customer base due to the Pareto principle. 

With that in mind, Franpos delivers marketing efforts specifically targeted to the psychology and spending habits of your existing customer base. 

The probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60%-70%, which is why we specifically maximize our efforts for your current customers. Happy customers increase reviews and recommendations, which expands your customer base long-term. 

As always, if you would like to book a free consultation to learn more about Franpos MGM, you may do so here. 

Increase sales, increase your customer base, and bring your ideas to life with Franpos MGM! 

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