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How to Know When It’s Time to Swap Your POS Provider

Your point of sale provider is your conduit between the items in your store and the dollars in your bank account. Yet all the same, once you have a point of sale in your store, odds are, you never think about it again.


And it’s a real shame, too—because knowing when you’re getting a good deal (or not!) is absolutely critical to the growth and success of your business! Picture this: you’ve got a great store and good products. Customers love you. But your constant technology issues are keeping you from really investing in them.


Do you have a point of sale provider that works for you? To find out, read on to see our top ways to know when it’s time for a change.


They Never Answer the Phone


From the best point of sale software all the way down the line, having issues with the software is just a part of life. Maybe an employee hit a button you didn’t know about, or your internet is having issues connecting. Think back on when this has happened to you. Do you remember easy customer service?


All too often, the big name-brand point of sale providers that you may have heard of will direct your call to a sea of representatives. You don’t know your provider by name—and half the time, you’re stuck on hold or talking to someone that isn’t helping.


If so, consider swapping to a point of sale provider that gives you an individual person you can call by name to help you out, like the Franpos system.


You’re Paying too Much for too Little


Point of sale can be expensive—but are you getting bang for your buck?


Point of sale providers are often kings of the upcharge. They’ll charge for everything from reporting to eCommerce support to delivery management and everything in between.


When you compare providers, we recommend factoring in all of the costs and upcharges, cause more often than not, the base price isn’t the base price.


You Aren’t Selling Online


Speaking of eCommerce, our final suggestion is to consider whether or not your point of sale connects to your online site.


What happens when a customer purchases an item? Do you get notifications in store? Or do you sell products you don’t have in stock?


If any or all of the above is true, it may be time to switch to a system that works for you.


Franpos is a proven commerce platform that bundles everything you need to grow your business into one easy-to-use system. Sell products online, get your own individual customer support representative, and pay one low and easy-to-understand price.


Sound interesting to you? Schedule your free demo today to see why thousands of businesses choose Franpos to grow their stores!

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