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Why Bundling Your Technology Stack Saves Your Money

Franpos is proud to bundle many amazing services and products into one Commerce Solution. Instead of selling and itemizing features separately, bundling features offers our customers a holistic solution at an amazing price.  


We’re confident in the way we do business—which is why we’ll break down how our bundling approach saves you time and moneyand, how our approach is far cheaper than itemizing technologies. 



The Franpos Bundle 



With Franpos bundling, we offer almost every point of sale innovation available on the market. 


In order to successfully lower costs and increase revenues, your business needs the following: 




With Franpos Software bundle – you get all of these features and technologies for just $349. 


That number without context might seem scary, but when you see just how many subscriptions you get to cancel, you’ll see Franpos more than pays for itself! 

For instance, you were going to get just three of the thirteen solutions we offer from third parties, you would be paying significantly more. 



For example, eCommerce runs about $200/month with other providers. 


CRM managers can run anywhere from $50-$300/month 


Loyalty Program integrations cost about $200/month 



In conclusion, if you were to subscribe to even three of the thirteen solutions Franpos offersyou would be spending significantly more money and be short ten additional solutions. 


Our goal at Franpos is to help all our customers avoid overpaying for costly subscription services, increase revenues, lower overhead costs, and streamline operations. 



Time Management 



Not only does the Franpos Bundle save you significant amounts of money compared to standard technology stacks, but Franpos saves you time. 


With our omnichannel point of sale system, all of these integrations are centralized to one service. 


This means one login, one cloud-based program,  and one solution that completely streamlines every operation imaginable. 


Not only does our software bundle highly increase revenues, but our clients love our automated, transparent, and time-saving services. At Franpos, we believe your time is money – and it is our goal to save you both. 



Final Thoughts 



The Franpos Bundle is one of the best deals on the market when it comes to a total franchise and business solution. 


No other service completely streamlines operations to the extent of the Franpos system. 


Whether it be centralizing your inventory or automatically delivering your products to your customers, Franpos is simply the best deal on the market. To better understand the benefits of Franpos bundling, we advise our customers to follow the hyperlinks attached to our thirteen solutions above.  


Our integrations and solutions are custom-tailored to each client, so we hope you can better understand the benefits of bundling through our website, resources, or by booking a FREE demo with our specialist here. 

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