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Why Franpos is the Ideal Point of Sale System for QSR

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) have become increasingly popular in densely populated areas where foot traffic is plentiful and customers are on the go. 


Globally, some of the most popular QSR brands are Chipotle, Moes, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s. 


In short, QSR restaurants are fast food, and Franpos has the perfect point of sale for these types of businesses. 


Let’s go over how Franpos’ multiple payment methodsintuitive display systems, and split-ticket capabilities are perfect for QSR restaurants.  



Multiple Payment Methods 



Many of those in the millennial generation or Generation Z, have had our moments where we needed to split the cost of a meal, through multiple cards or cash.  


Many restaurants either dissuade or directly disallow taking multiple payment methods either due to the tedious checkout process or systems that do not allow for multiple payment types. 


At Franpos, multiple payment methods are as easy as possible for your team members! 


Multiple payment methods can be split, paid for, and finished within seconds. 


This eliminates stressors for both employees and consumers when it comes to multiple cards or cash being utilized. 


Additionally, the handling of multiple payment methods is more common within the QSR sphere, where some customers are coming in larger groups due to the reduced price. 


Eliminate stress, embarrassment, and difficulty with Franpos multiple payment options. 


Intuitive Display Systems 


Everybody learns differently. Some people find learning easier hands-on, some visually, and some audibly. 


AFranpos we have done our best to code human psychology into our point of sale system. 


Although this may sound complex, it is simpler than it seems. 


When it comes to QSRFranpos understands how stressful and fast-paced these environments can be. 


We understand some people have difficulty reading under pressure, typing under pressure, and even communicating in stressful environments. 


That’s why Franpos’ intuitive display system makes working as a QSR employee easier than ever before. 


For example, when a customer is ordering, your employees will see both the picture and product name directly on their POS touch-pad system. 


The heavy visual emphasis of the Franpos point of sale system reduces stress on employees that have difficulty hearing the customer orders and affords them the opportunity to select visually. 


This eliminates employees scrolling through pages of similar words and phrases to find an item. This saves time, brain-power, and keeps employees happier while working on the job. 


The smallest change can make the largest difference for your employees, and Franpos intuitive display system does just that. 


Split Tickets 


When operating a drive-thru at your QSR business, you sometimes have to create multiple orders for one car. 


Especially for those who are trying to save money, going to restaurants with friends can be an awkward experience if an employee puts the tab on one ticket. 


At Franpos, our system makes splitting the ticket easy as 1,2,3 – even by the lofty standards of QSR. 


The Franpos system can easily split tickets for drive-thru, walk-in, and dine-in customers. No matter what the situation is, your customers can feel comfortable knowing that they can split the ticket multiple ways, any way, at any time. 


As financial pressures are more important than ever, the Franpos capability to split tickets is something that makes our Point-of-Sale system ideal for QSR. 


Final Thoughts 


No matter what type of QSR you are, Franpos has high-tech capabilities that can make your clients and employees feel comfortable. With speed and efficient needs as important as ever, Franpos is here for you and your customers. 


Keep your employees stress-free and focused on quality ervice, instead of dealing with tedious payment or ordering obstacles. 


At Franpos, your goals are ours. We do everything we can to save our clients time, energy, and money. 


If you are interested in seeing learning more about Franpos amazing capabilities for QSR, you may do so here. 


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