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Why Marketing Matters in 2020

With all of the different things you need to juggle as a small business owner, advertising, social media, and all forms of marketing usually end up falling by the wayside. And while many small businesses place marketing at the lower end of their priority list, we’re here to tell you that marketing matters 

The primary purpose of marketing is to communicate your value to your consumers. To have a successful business, the value of your products and services must be conveyed to your target audience. Marketing is the primary communication from businesses to consumers. Marketing is the voice of your company.  


How does Marketing Work? 


The value of products/services are createdstrategized, and implemented through marketing experts. A product’s value may be expressed through commercials, digital ads, social media campaigns, and many other channels 

While marketing might have been delegated to the newspaper and television in years past, these days, marketing is everywhere.  

Here are a few examples. Anytime you see a fancy new car with a large logo, you are subconsciously being marketed to. Have you ever looked up a hotel, saw beautiful pictures, then arrived at a dump motel?  

Unfortunately, even in situations like these, you are experiencing the power of marketing 


Value-based Marketing

wonderful product cannot be successful without valuedriven campaigns. For example, when the iPhone hit the market, it was more expensive than any other mobile device you could buy. So, Apple strategically implemented simple commercials that displayed the iPhone’s new innovative features. By breaking down iPhone’s value, customers were quick to adapt to this innovative technology 


How Do I Market My Product? 


If you can take the time to head back to school to study current marketing trends, running operations first-hand may be a great decision. But most of us are past our college years and will need professional third-party expertise for marketing.

Luckily, there are many ways you can successfully market your product through third-party companies. 

Most businesses start by partnering with a marketing agency, whose goal will be helping you find valuable channels to sell your product. Marketing associates hired by such companies are genuinely specialized in branding and marketing for clients 

A consultant may have great ideas for your product and teach you how to implement those strategies. Marketing consultants are usually very practiced in their field and can help your brand become one of the many successful campaigns they’ve worked on.  

However, if your brand is simply one of many, your business’s individual needs may get pushed aside. Marketing firms often apply a one-size-fits-all approach to their clients which will not be tailored to your business. Other times, firms may become sidetracked from your mission statement, and misrepresent your company and your ideals 

Most importantly, you’ll be paying for their services—even if the content of their campaigns doesn’t properly fit or represent your brand. 


Taking Control with Managed Marketing Services


Managed Marketing Services give business owners the best of both worlds—the expertise of an agency and the control of in-house marketing. 

If you are interested in such services, consulting with a small firm dedicated to your brand is idealAt all times, your brand’s reputation remains the top priority, creating campaigns specifically-tailored to your businesses.  

Each strategy and campaign from a hired firm should be redesigned, each time, to fit your individual needs as a business. At Franpos, we start from scratch with every inquiry into our Managed Growth Marketing, because no two companies are alike. 

Protecting your brand’s identity is fundamental. That’s why we advise a smaller, strategized firm who can curate ultramodern marketing campaigns with your business in mind. With a properly strategized Managed Marketing Service, you can find and scale your company’s value! 

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