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Why Setting Up Franpos eCommerce and Delivery Couldn’t Be Easier!

At Franpos, providing our customers with the most innovative technology available, paired with amazing customer service, makes the biggest difference for our clients. When it comes to point of sale systems, we know there are many options available. That’s why we’re so thankful for each and every customer that decides to partner with Franpos. 


Knowledge is power. The goal of our blogs is to provide business owners and our clients with the resources they need to thrive in a highly competitive industry. 

Today, let’s go over how setting up and utilizing Franpos eCommerce and Delivery is as easy as 1,2,3! 


Easy Ordering on Franpos eCommerce 


We’ve previously discussed how eCommerce development is important for businesses. Utilizing amazing designs, fonts, product placements, payment processing, and morebuyers can enjoy amazing products on an amazing website. 

When purchasing online, customers must have the correct information about the product, and your website must be able to process the payment. With a high-quality website, payment processing is easy, secure, and reliable. 


Once the payment is processed, a receipt is provided and the appropriate account is debited the right amount. This has to happen at lightning speed, or a customer may cancel the order due to lack of trust. 


When payment processing takes a long time, customers become may frustrated and may begin to seek products elsewhere. Additionally, if the payment is not quickly drafted from their bank, they may start to believe the website is fraudulent.  

At Franpos, we ensure your product’s payment processing is quick, easy, and reliable. Customers receive a receipt upon purchase, and the payment is quickly pulled from their bank. With these easy steps in place, customers are able to trust your brand. 

Utilize Franpos product to payment processing, for quick and reliable and product processing. 


Fast Delivery Using Franpos Delivery Management 


Once the order has been received, it’s time to fill the order. It’s time to prepare and deliver the item, at the right location, either at the time requested or as soon as possible. 


Although Franpos cannot physically fulfilthe order for you, we can ensure that your product is properly processed and that your inventory is accurate. 


Accurate inventory is a huge difficulty for clients across the world, which is why Franpos uses automated inventory. This means that your inventory numbers are up to date, accurate, so you know how much inventory you truly have at any given moment. 


At Franpos, we offer our clients two options for delivery. 

Self-Delivery, where your team will drop off the package at the customer’s desired location. This is done using the Franpos delivery app, designed to help your team members get to the right location and do so with the quickest routes possible. 


The other option is Delivery Fulfillment by Postmates, where a Postmates driver will pick up the product and hand-deliver it to the specified location. 


Whichever delivery option you chose- Franpos makes product processing, payments, and delivery as easy as 1,2,3! 

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