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Why You Need to Start Self-Delivering Your Products

You’ve built some amazing products, your website is optimized, and now you’re starting to generate sales. Congratulations! 

So how do you get your products to your customers?  

Delivery is all about getting your product to a customer’s desired location, on time. And since delivery is the act of fulfilling your order it is the only part of the process the customer experiences first-hand. As such, how that process goes can make or break your business. 

Why Delivery Matters 


Consumers pay for your goods and expect something amazing in return. We’ve talked about delivery before, but it bears repeating.  

Easy, quick, and transparendelivery is a customer’s top priority. 

Have you ever ordered cute and affordable items online, just to wait three weeks for it to be shipped? Afterward, the processing of the package took another three weeks, just to arrive at your doorstep brokenWe have. 

Delivery issues have plagued millions of consumers across the globe. From damaged packages to porch pirates and everything in between. More flubbed deliveries mean more negatives reviews online, and soon enough, customers begin to take their business elsewhere.  

As a business owner, you must do everything you can to avoid that narrativeThat’s why your delivery processes are almost as almost as important as the product itself.

How Do I Compete? 


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by delivery in a post- Amazon world. 

Since Amazon has a near-ubiquitous delivery system, no matter what you sell, you are in direct competition with them in some way. To stay afloat in a cut-throat retail market, you must make your delivery processes as flawless as possible. 

As a small business, it may be difficult to leverage your product across the country or the world. However, delivering within a certain radius of your storefronts and locations is another story. In this market, you can easily compete with the tech giants.  

Local Delivery 

By selling within a pre-defined radius of your location or storefronts, you’re able to get your products into the hands of your customers in minutes—not hours or days. And by delivering internally, you aren’t paying fees to utilize Amazon’s rails. Nor are you internally competing with them on their own platform. 

For retail, and particularly for small business retail, local delivery levels the Amazon-dominated playing field and allows you to maintain your carefully cultivated relationships with your consumers.  

Plus, you’ll be saving on shipping costs, third-party fees, and competing in a much more manageable market.  

Self-Delivery with Franpos 


Self-Delivery controls the fate of your company and places you directly into the driver’s seat. 

It is the process of taking operations into your own hands 

And with FranposSelf-Delivery can mean sending your own drivers or streamlining the process with Postmates integration. Here’s how it works:  


  1. Your customer purchases your product from your website 
  2. Our POS system sends a receipt 
  3. Our software sends a notification to a Postmates driver to pick up the item from your store. 
  4. Your experienced driver seamlessly delivers your product to a very happy customer 


This could be the future of your companySelf-delivery in four easy steps. 

And if you want to keep everything in-house, your customers can order via a custom-created application with your branding. Your drivers will receive the orders, mark off completed orders, and the automated system takes care of all notifications and synchronizes with your inventory.  

Take control with FranposFor more information, let’s get in touch 

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