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Why You Should App-ify Your Brand

The jury’s out, and things are going mobile. The ability to transform your brand into an app will increase sales and opportunities for your company significantly. 

And with Franpos, your store can move ahead of the curve with order ahead abilitiespush notifications, geofenced store locators, and so much more! 

Let’s talk about how App-ify by Franpos can take your brand to the next level.  


What Does it Mean to App-ify Your Brand? 


For Franpos, to App-ify your brand is to transform your storefront into a beautiful user-friendly application. 

Here are a few tenets to our ability to App-ify: 

  1. Consumers trust brands that are on the App Store or Google-Play. They are viewed as more ‘legit’ and professional, as well as appeal to those less likely to give your store a call. 

  2. The average American looks at their phone 96 times a day. If a customer can see your brand on their phone screen throughout the day, you are going to be on the forefront of their mind.  

  3. Claiming space on your customers’ home screens drives brand loyalty and can provide opportunities for customers to share your brand’s story through word of mouth. 

As you can see, choosing to App-ify your company is strategic for multiple reasons. Not only does it improve your customer’s opinion about your brand, but it assures your business is at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. 


Why App-ify Your Brand? 


 If all of our reasoning isn’t enough, here are some statistics that should excite you.

The ability to take your eCommerce, and App-ify it, can improve your sales significantly.  

  1. 78% of peoplewould rather access their favorite brand via app compared to a mobile website.

  2. Customers are on mobile applications for three to four times longer than on desktop and mobile sites. 

  3. Mobile app cart abandonment rates are at just 20%–compared to 68% on desktop sites and 97% on mobile sites.  

  4. People who shop on apps twice as much compared to desktop or mobile sites. 

Mobile applications can result in some amazing conversion rate improvements!

We want Franpos customers to reap the benefits of our high-tech software by increasing their revenues through every possible channel available. And, with eCommerce sales doubling as of 2020, we want our customers to thrive in rapidly expanding markets. 


Let Your Customers Order Ahead 


Regardless of what you sell, the ability to order or book ahead can increase your sales significantly.  

Customers love to ensure they have locked in a product or time slot without having to compete for inventory or booking times. 

Additionally, customers can pay ahead to ensure the product or service is theirs. Payment in advance also minimizes the chance of a last-minute cancellation—as well as giving your store the business to receive and utilize the money upfront. 

Both Order Ahead and Book Ahead are features that the Franpos team has developed into our App-ify program to develop trust and loyalty to your brand. 


Help Your Customers Find Your Stores 


WitFranpos App-ify, your customers will have the ability to shop your online catalog within the app and make their purchases from the store nearest them. 

With store locator, your customer’s location will be utilized via zip code to direct them to the closest shop available. This ability to geofence your customers is critical for growth and success for both businesses and consumers, as it only shows your customers the storefront closest to them. 

This saves customers time, energy, and money when trying to locate your storefront via app.   



Final Thoughts



Franpos ability to App-ify is taking our customers’ brands to the moon. 

We are increasing sales, expanding customer bases, and providing our clients with the best application available. 

We streamline delivery, communication abilities, and order ahead features all in one unified commerce platform. 

Our customers are loving their new app, and we know you will too! 

If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our marketing specialists to further discuss the benefits of App-ifying your brand, you may so do here! 

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