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Why Your Business Needs a Referral Program

Companies and employees alike love referral programs! Referral programs ensure your customers are happy and bring new customers to your brand at the same time. 

In competitive and ever-changing industries, it is essential for businesses to expand their customer base and minimize the churn of existing customers. 

We’ll cover why your business needs a technology that is exclusive to our existing clientele base. And, we’ll discuss why Franpos is the #1 Cloud-Based POS for franchises and businesses alike. Through ultramodern software integrations paired with reliable hardware, we strive for our customers to gain actual cash value from any recommendations! 


Why Referral Programs Work 


Referral programs are so successful because they offer customers incentives for recommending your products and services. 

In most cases, loyal customers are happy to recommend your brand to a friend if they are pleased with your brand and a valuable incentive is available. 

Here is an example in which referral programs are successful. 

  1. In major cities, leasing offices offer $500 off of rent if you successfully refer a friend who signs a lease with the company. 

  2. Popular hair salons may offer 50% discounts or a free product to any client that referred a new client to the salon. 

  3. Ice-cream parlors may offer a BOGO deal if you ‘bring a friend.’  

All of these examples offer incentives to current customers as well as spread brand awareness towards potential customers. 

At Franpos, we feel strongly in offering value to both our clients as well as our readersWe know that knowledge is wealth, so we wanted to offer our clients both! 


How to Get Started 


Referral technology is 100% integrated into the Franpos point of sale system. As a result, you will not have to download or pay for any additional software. 

All you have to do is launch your referral program with an incentive of your choice and bring in new revenue! 

Based on our internal research, Franpos believes referral conversions are actually 30% more effective than other marketing channels.   

We hope our happy customers enjoy this new opportunity within their Franpos system enough to utilize the referral program integration, and we know customer success stories in the past that the Franpos referral system works. 

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