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You Don’t Need To Handle It All as a Business Owner. Here’s How To Delegate.

You know how the old saying goes: if you want something done right, do it yourself.


However, in the world of business, and especially the world of small and local business, is that really true?


It’s no secret that business owners often have to wear many hats to make sure their operations are running as smoothly as ever. And of course, when dealing with new hires and managing systems, it often feels like you need to make sure you handle everything at once—lest the business falls apart in your absence.


We’re here to tell you that in some cases, that may not always be the wisest or best way to handle problems in the workplace. To get some time back for yourself with some peace of mind as well, here’s how you can delegate your way to success.



Admit What You Can’t Do


We’ve got no doubt you’re a talented individual—it takes a truly talented person to decide to open a business and successfully get the ball rolling.


However, there are certain things you can’t do—and one of them is inventory management. For lots of stores with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of SKUs to manage, there’s just no feasible way one person with dogged determination and a notepad can get it done.


With certain tasks and particular tasks that require lots of administrative effort like with inventory management, you’re better off seeing the help of the robots than getting it done yourself.


Manage without Managing


The other issue is often the dreaded topic of labor costs, which tend to make or break tight margins in business.


Luckily, this is one of those situations where the robots can once again handle this better than you. With a point of sale software with a built-in time clock like Franpos, you can monitor everyone’s coming and going with a glance at your phone. Then, you can use the Franpos back-end reporting functionality to calculate revenue when compared to staff on the clock.


Now, you don’t need to head into the store and fuss at people for clocking in too late or too early. Just let smart data report it and let you know when it’s best to open and close the store!


Smart Data to the Rescue


Speaking of smart data, those back-end reports from Franpos we mentioned earlier can do more than tell you revenue streams. Need someone to tell you which products aren’t selling well? Or someone to make new inventory order forms?


Now you don’t! With the Franpos solution, these tasks can be handled automatically for you.


So spend less time dealing with the devil in the details, and more time delegating tasks and being more comfortable taking that time to do other, more important tasks.


You know how to grow your business—we’re just here to help you get it done!


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