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3 Great Last-Minute Mother’s Day Strategies for Your Business

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! 2021 has been busy enough, and if you forgot, don’t worry! It’s not too late to try and take advantage of the coming opportunity.

For beauty salons and restaurants as well as other retailers alike, Mother’s Day presents the opportunity to catch up on some of the last revenue from the past year. This big event often involves customers taking their mothers out on the town.


That also means there is a LOT of competition out there to keep up with! So, let’s take a minute and go through three of the ways you can get business in the door without a whole lot of planning time.


Bear in mind that these solutions are possible on many platforms—but only the Franpos solution will make it effortless! More on that later on.

The Mid-Day Flash Sale

Depending on where you live, Mother’s Day traffic may build up over time—peaking in the early afternoon. So, if you time everything right and know when your customer base is out and about, you can take advantage of the day by utilizing a flash sale.


Flash sales are greatly effective because of the time crunch you put on your customer base. These deals are often much better than the deals found in longer campaigns because there’s only a short amount of time to cash in on the deal.


So, take some time and figure out an item you can break even on or a smaller product you can give away for free with a larger purchase, and blast out the word to everyone on your customer relations manager.


That way, people driving out and about will be more incentivized to swing in for that sweet deal. And more often than not, they’ll stick around to see your other offerings!

The Loyalty Points Perk


Here’s an idea that can be easily paired with a flash sale.


Loyalty points are a major driver for customer retention—and with software like Franpos out there making it easier than ever to communicate with your clients, you can dish out the points to keep customers coming back again and again!


Why not send out a messaging offering double points on Mother’s Day? That way, you can drive up average ticket costs and keep customers coming back. Plus, the goodwill built up from deals like this can turn a casual customer into a lifelong brand advocate.

The Goodie Bag


Our final suggestion is great for smaller businesses that want to incentivize their customers to shop locally.


Put aside some money and get crafty with goodie bags! You can put together a smaller amount, such as 50 or 100, and fill them with small candies and possibly an item from your store. Next, announce through your Growth Marketing software that the first 50 or 100 customers in the doors on Mother’s Day can get a goodie bag absolutely free!


Whether it’s free with purchase or completely free is up to you—however, either way, you can see your traffic grow with a simple and inexpensive treat that could pay for itself several times over.


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