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In 2021, retailers have enough on their plates. Employee retention, safety protocols, and of course the bottom line—there’s far too much going on to have to worry about juggling different projects and services to get everything done.


All too often, business owners don’t take into account the most important commodity of all—their time. Because of that, each moment spent worrying about different products and services in support of business is time spent away from actually running the business itself.


There are many, many reasons why all-in-one systems such as Franpos make life easier for those who are running retail businesses. But today, we’re going to be breaking down just three of them and illustrating just why it’s so important to find a system that works so you don’t have to.


No More Endless Monthly Subscriptions

From your point of sale to financial engine to your booking portal, growth marketing platform, and much, much more, there’s a lot of different monthly subscriptions involved in getting business off the ground. It might sound alluring to pick up that thirty-dollar-a-month cash register and then add on what you need, but that pricing isn’t as simple as you think.


All of these products and services are what we like to call your “technology stack,” and it can really add up. Hundreds of dollars in fees across several platforms instead of one isn’t cost-effective—it’s redundant.


With an all-in-one system, you have one fee to worry about—that’s it. No endless phone calls every time your credit card changes or when one system goes down so you need to find a replacement. One place for your business to run.

No Dealing with Integrations

All of those products—from your cash register to your rewards system—need to be able to talk to each other. For instance, your eCommerce platform needs to know that the products it has listed for sale are actually in the store. If your eCommerce platform doesn’t communicate with your cash register to verify inventory, you can end up selling products you don’t have.


A lot of companies use other companies, such as Zapier, to have their products talk to each other. But that’s just the problem, isn’t it? That’s another monthly fee. All for your software to learn how to talk to your other software!


It’s a nightmare—and all in one systems have all of this sorted for you. That way, your eCommerce platform talks to your cash register and automatically applies rewards to the customers that earn them. That leaves you with more time doing the things you love about running your business.

No Worrying About Access

Finally, there’s the issue of access. All of those software accounts have passwords, emails, usernames, security questions—and most retailers don’t have time to worry about all of that information.


There’s software out there that keeps your passwords safe, sure—but that’s more software and more fees. With platforms like Franpos, you don’t need to worry about access. The system will take you to the reports you need and let you manage everything in your business all from one convenient back-end platform.


So, are you tired of dealing with the technology stack? If so, the Franpos solution may be right for you. All of the products listed on the top of this page—from eCommerce to Growth Marketing and Booking Software—are all available in an all-in-one system.


So let’s get started today! Book a free consultation now and we can figure out exactly how to get you what you need—without the endless subscriptions.

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