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Your Guide to Reducing Turnover in Quick Service

It’s no secret that turnover can be a big problem in quick service and fast-casual restaurants. In fact, turnover is said to be about 100%–which means you’re working with an entirely new staff in one year’s time!


Some managers don’t see this as the issue it is, when in fact, the cost of onboarding a new employee is typically far greater than the three or four minor changes that would have prevented a vacancy from opening up in the first place!


So to help your restaurant grow with a dedicated and expert staff, here’s your guide to reducing turnover in quick service.

More Selective Hiring


Just because many jobs in quick service are entry-level doesn’t mean you have to hire the first person to meet the requirements of the job. In fact, many new emerging technologies are reducing turnover simply by placing stricter limits on hiring.


It may seem difficult at first, but to hire employees more likely to stay, look to your top performers first. Ask them if they know anyone looking for a job instead of going to the usual job sites.


Odds are high that your best employees are friends with those with a similar work ethic—so consider asking them for potential candidates or even adding a referral program to incentivize top talent coming through your doors.

More Efficient Tools


Employees need tools to get their jobs done. If you’re giving them antiquated point of sale software and difficult-to-learn online systems, you’ll be increasing their dissatisfaction and ultimately increasing your turnover.


Consider moving to commerce solutions like Franpos, which are built from the ground up to help nurture growth in QSR. With Franpos, your eCommerce, Growth Marketing, and time clock are all in the same system. Everything is more efficient, which means your employees are less stressed overall.

More Employee Perks


Of course, the easiest way to keep employees around longer is to simply be good to them! As the adage goes, “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.”


Make sure you’re holding your managers accountable and leading by example inside and outside the kitchen. Focus on hosting low-cost but intimate events for staff, and making sure to celebrate birthdays and nurture team-building whenever possible.


It’s the hardest part of reducing turnover—but no guide can truly solve your problem here. Only you know your staff, so ask around and see what is desired. Odds are high there is something low-cost and highly effective waiting for you!


No matter what, make sure you’re doing right by your employees. Doing so will only help your company grow! And, if you want a powerful point of sale and commerce platform that’s as efficient and powerful as your employees, consider scheduling a free demo today and see why hundreds of quick-service restaurants choose Franpos.

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