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You’ve Got Employees–So Why Do You Need a Self-Checkout Kiosk?

Ah, the self-checkout kiosk. For some, it represents an easier, more frictionless shopping experience where waiting for an available cashier is a thing of the past.


For others, it represents a scary reality in which machines replace humans and pass off the burden of service back to the consumer.


But for most business owners, the question is less about service and experience as it is about a question of cost. Namely—you pay employees to run your business, so why do you need a self-checkout kiosk.


You might think it’s a bit pointless, but our findings suggest that you can reap more benefits and collect more data from customers than simply using cash registers alone!


Confused as to how? Read on to see why self-checkout kiosks may be good for your business, and how commerce platforms like Franpos can help you integrate a kiosk without the hassle or headache!


The Importance of Customer Data


As a business, it’s vitally important that you open up lines of communication with your customers. Through communications, you’re able to effectively pitch the value you add to their lives, as well as send discounts and offers to turn one-time customers into loyal brand advocates.


And of course, the only way to open up these lines of communications involves finding a means to get email addresses and phone numbers into an organic Customer Relations Management tool (CRM).


Typically, your cashier would be able to collect this data for you. You may give your employees a script along the lines of, ‘would you like to receive ten percent off your next order by joining our rewards program?’


It’s an efficient and effective line, but for many guests—particularly those who aren’t interested in dictating long email addresses or phone numbers off to strangers—the proposition isn’t comfortable enough for them.


Reducing the Pressure


This is where the self-checkout kiosk comes into play.


For quieter or more introverted customers, the idea of using a kiosk is already appealing enough. But a kiosk offering a clear form fill to collect a discount and earn rewards for your store is far less of a hard sell than an employee doing the same thing.


In essence, you’re offering a more frictionless experience to your customers—and that’s something Franpos knows a thing or two about!


Implementing A Kiosk


If you choose to move forward with a kiosk (and we think you should), then the easiest way to integrate your kiosk into your sales is by switching over to a Franpos solution.


With Franpos, your business receives all of the operational software it needs to thrive—from powerful back-end management tools to point of sale, time clocks, eCommerce software, and much more. Of course, included in that is the seamless integration with a self-checkout kiosk.


So stop fearing the kiosk and learn to love smart technologies that improve your business operations! And if you’re interested, schedule your free demo today of the Franpos platform and see why thousands of businesses rely on smart data-driven software to grow their revenues!

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