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3 Tips for Your Beauty Parlor This Summer

Getting your beauty parlor seen can be a difficult prospect, even as the pandemic winds to a close. The fact of the matter is that beauty stores tend to rely on word of mouth, which can be difficult to rely on when many stores have had to be closed throughout much of the past year.

So, with summer coming up fast, how we can get your beauty parlor up and thriving again? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Managing Your Online Storefront


It’s critical to be online—even if, as a beauty parlor, your services have to be rendered in person. Maybe this means getting onto Google and making sure everything that comes up when you search for your store is up to standard.


For some, this also means updating your website to explain your hours, services, and offerings in a cleaner fashion. Thanks to new technologies, business owners can spend just a few hours on a website builder and make a website they can be proud of.


It’s also helpful to list any products you do sell on a digital online storefront. You can either do this through external software or an all-in-one commerce system such as Franpos. With Franpos, for instance, you can have each product sold push directly to your in-store cash register for fulfillment—automatically!

Giving Customers Options


It’s also important to make an inviting atmosphere for your guests—no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable they may be with being out and about since the pandemic.


You may want to post signs offering for your staff to wear masks should guests feel uncomfortable. You may also want to continue social distancing measures or sanitizing procedures.

The truth is, pandemic or not, your customers will see the effort you’re putting in to keep them safe and keep your beauty parlor looking its best. This will translate into better word of mouth for your business.

Getting Reviews


Social proof is everything these days—and you need search sites like Google to show tons of excellent reviews of your business right on the front page!

To do this, it’s helpful to offer incentives for customers to write honest reviews. Ask satisfied customers to consider doing this at the end of their hair treatment, or use a Growth Marketing toolset to reach out to your customers automatically to spread the good news. However you need to, get the word out!

Final Thoughts


It isn’t easy trying to drum up business, but with dogged determination and powerful commerce platforms like Franpos, you can increase your revenues and grow your business!

Want to learn more about the Franpos solution? Schedule your free demo today and take a look at why so many companies use Franpos to take their business to the next level.

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